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More Bad News For Byron Sonne As Prosecutors Try to Introduce New Evidence

The trial of accused anti-G20 plotter Byron Sonne threatens to lurch from merely drawn-out and confusing to a full-on Kafkaesque spectacle, with news that prosecutors now want to reopen the case (which had been nearing a long-awaited conclusion) in order to introduce new evidence. The evidence in question is apparently a stash of potassium chlorate, an ingredient in fireworks, that was discovered last week in the backyard of Sonne’s former home, during a dramatic police raid. Sonne’s home was found to be full of similar precursors to explosives during an initial police investigation following his arrest just prior to the 2010 G20 summit, but his defense has said that those materials were related to Sonne’s many innocuous hobbies, which include model rocketry.


  • Anonymous

    I’m really getting fed up with this trial. Are they trying to make an example of him? For what? I thought one had to do something clearly criminal to be charged and prosecuted. It appears that Byron Sonne is being persecuted for being a geek with hobbies that are “suspicious” to authoritarian types.

    • Anonymous

      Security theatre.

  • guest

    He was also arrogant and self entitled enough to believe that he “tickle the dragon”, just for fun… and that he’d get away with it because he was a rich white guy.

    • Anonymous

      Like most (if not all) of the G20 defendants, he ‘misunderestimated’ both the extent and ruthlessness of police surveillance, and determination to bag a few patsies — that was surely the quid pro quo for the massive injection of our tax dollar$$$ into such an utterly wasted exercise. “See, we got us a turrist!”

    • Anonymous

      And our governing authority was arrogant and self entitled enough to pass secret laws effectively turning power of the city over to police services.

  • Anonymous

    Byron was a very enthusiastic rocket maker. Even with all the evidence pointing to this its still easier to say he was hoarding bomb material? Security theatre indeed!

    Free Byron!