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Extra, Extra: Farewell to Bistro 990, Hello to a Proud Play

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Photo by {a href=""}jefferson gonsalves{/a} from the {a href=""}Torontoist Flickr Pool{/a}.

  • Too early for nostalgia? TIFF founder Bill Marshall tells tales from the heydey of Bistro 990 a few days after it closed for good, featuring sex, drugs, and the script for Flashdance.
  • A couple of weeks ago, we went to the first public reading of Proud, a play in development by longtime Tarragon Theatre artist-in-residence Michael Healey—and one so controversial that Healey left Tarragon over their refusal to produce it. Others have a bit more of a stomach for taking on the prime minister, it seems: the play, which features a character based on Stephen Harper, has been picked up and will open at the Berkeley Street Theatre in September.
  • A sad day for fans of Jean-Luc Picard and Joss Whedon alike: Geek Love, Toronto’s regular screening series devoted to delightfully nerdy fare, is calling it quits.
  • Must-read urban planning/politics article of the day: the story of how Los Angeles geared up, got organized, passed a sales tax hike, and started building a lot of new transit—all in fewer than five years.
  • Because some jokes never lose their grip, apparently—among those registered to speak at today’s Board of Health meeting: Haywood Yablome, Anita Hoare, and Ayma Moron-Mihevchana.

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  • Guest

    Marshall’s article is a bit all over the place, fact-wise. All the other write-ups on the restaurant I can find state it opened in 1988, 24 years ago rather than the 28 he claimed. OK, simple enough to explain. He transposed a number there, winding up with the 8 from the ’88.

    But even assuming that, his story about Flashdance is frankly impossible. The movie was released in early 1983, one year before Bistro 990 opened according to his chronology. (And that’s ignoring that the script was probably in a roughly finished format by sometime in ’82.) Now maybe it happened as he says, with the story idea being made up at a bar, but it certainly couldn’t have been 990′s.

  • Sue

    Thanks for the Extra, Hamutal – to confirm – Proud hasn’t been picked up by anyone, rather Michael is porducing it himself. Thanks!

    • Sue

      Producing. PROducing. Because speling is my friend.