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Charles and Camilla to Visit Toronto Next Month

Several news outlets are reporting that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be visiting Toronto on May 21 and 22, as part of a four-day, three-province tour of Canada. During their stay in Toronto, the pair will take part in some old-royal-person-appropriate events, including Victoria Day fireworks, a War of 1812 commemoration, and meet-and-greets with a few different groups, including the National Leadership of Assembly of First Nations. The last time Charles and Camilla were here, in 2009, they opened the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Yup. Excitement follows these two around wherever they go.


  • Michael Kolberg

    You couldn’t invent two better recruiters for Citizens for a Canadian Republic

  • Anonymous

    So apparently fireworks and the Royal are not fun enough for you? What? Not enough black clothing and angst for you or something?

    And they wonder why people think Toronto is stuck up.

  • Pcarcher

    I truly don’t see the relevance of these 2 visiting our country at our expense no less.
    Charles and Camilla are still adulterous old farts. They may have some approval in Briton but really must we entertain them.