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Vandalist: I <3 Cheese

What's not to love about delicious cheese? Unless you are lactose intolerant, in which case we are so, so sorry.

BY: Unknown
LOCATION: St. Lawrence Market
PHOTO BY: Marc Falardeau
FIELD NOTES: Some people eat to live, others live to eat. We absolutely agree that “love” is a mighty strong word, but, since we belong to the latter of the two groups, we cannot think of a better way to describe our feelings toward this delicious dairy delight. From your basic mozzarella to your most pungent Stilton, we want it. And what better place to remind us of this mouth-watering love than St. Lawrence Market, one of Toronto’s top cheese destinations? The market is open tomorrow, maybe we’ll see you there!

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  • Jacob

    I was in Montreal this past summer, and I saw that all over the place downtown. It seems we have a displaced Montrealer on our hands… or just a copycat.

    • Patrick

      I took some pictures of these in Montreal back in 2008…looks like the cheese holes are in exactly the same position too.

  • Anonymous

    This post is deeply offensive to people who can’t eat cheese but aren’t lactose intolerant.

    My fellow milk protein allergy and milk protein intolerance sufferers, stand up and be heard! We’re here! We also can’t eat dairy! Get used to it!

  • Eric S. Smith

    “<3?” U+2661: !

  • Geoff Gilmour-Taylor

    Saw that (with colour) on a grey Canada Post box on a back street near Queen and Broadview.

    • Monkeycycle

      There are a couple in the area, further east on Queen and at the Gerrard (P) parking lot near Broadview.

  • 133

    Eat more cheese was a prolific tag back in the 90s, i knew him well. This is him, or a good copy. Haven’t seen him years, could be he was in Montreal til now.

    • El_shantisim

      I know for a fact that this tagger is no copycat and very much a girl!

      • Brandy Morris

        She just really loves cheese!

  • Paje Honor Pokjowy

    Yeah, this Cheese Girl seems to have left her mark in Niagara Falls as well…She’s got cheeses all over the country! What a Cheese Whore! ;)

    • Abby Weir

      I think that cheese whore is our

  • Abby Weir

    I love that Cheese Girl..:)