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Vandalist: Hope

Changing the world is only a status update away.

BY: Overthott
LOCATION: King and Jameson
PHOTO BY: Evan Gurtin
FIELD NOTES: From the artist: “I hope the children of Uganda never find out that to most people they were merely a trending topic on twitter. Ignorance is bliss.”

It’s safe to say the situation in Uganda is far from ideal. It’s also safe to say that this has been the case for decades. This current surge of awareness is nice, but how long will people passionately care before a new trend in world issues pops up?

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  • T Girl

    It’s not possible to maintain a state of universal constant awareness of every tragic issue. The best anyone can hope for is their 15 minutes.

    • Jimmyklien

      I agree and I think in a way that’s what the piece was trying to signify. These kids have never stopped hoping and praying for better circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    The whole Kony propaganda campaign is creepy on its own, given the ulterior motives of Invisible Children and their far-right donors, but what’s worse is the “awareness” it’s raising is a total sham. Joseph Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for six years, the LRA in Uganda is numbered in the hundreds rather than tens of thousands, and the Ugandan army itself has used child soldiers in the past.

    • Anonymous

      So we’re excusing a child-soldier-using warlord because he is not the only asshole in the world? Great argument.

      • Anonymous

        That’s not the argument. The argument is that the people you’re being asked to support use the same brutal tactics.

        • Anonymous

          So what? Kony is still one of the world’s worst human beings, and richly deserves a jail cell in The Hague. There’s nothing to nuance about that.

          • Anonymous

            If the proposal were to fund the Taliban to hunt him down, would you call their brutal reign of terror over Afghanistan “nuance”?

        • Anonymous

          That’s not the entire argument. The campaign is irresponsibly inaccurate, not at all open about the group’s agenda (which is revealed in their 200+ other videos, tax filings – less than 33% of donations go toward helping anyone in any form – and list of ultra-conservative donors), manipulative, oh, and offensive to Ugandans.

      • Anonymous

        “Excusing”? Where did I do that?