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Urban Toronto: Toronto Community Housing Bringing Affordable Rentals to CityPlace

Construction progressing on 41-storey tower.

The history, design, and development of building projects, brought to you by Urban Toronto.

Toronto Community Housing is bringing affordable rental living to CityPlace in the form of “Block 32,” a 41-storey tower matched with 9- and 11-storey podium blocks at Fort York Boulevard and Dan Leckie Way. For Toronto Community Housing, this complex, designed by KPMB Architects, represents quite a landmark: it’s their tallest complex, it’s green, and it will be affordable family rental housing. Townhouses are being constructed all around the base of the complex, along with some retail fronting on Fort York Boulevard. Patios and deep planters will also be featured at street level.

Kyle Rooks of Toronto Community Housing explains the rental system: “The development will have 427 units of affordable rental housing. That’s a new kind of rental that means the average rent in the building will be 80% of the CMHC average. For example, if the average cost of a 1-bedroom rental is $1,000, the rent for 1-bedroom units in this building would average $800 and could not exceed $1,000.” TCH expects to start renting units this spring, for fall move-ins.

For a full tour of the building, head over to Urban Toronto.


  • Anonymous

    but an average one bedroom in that area is NOT $1,000, its more like $1,400.

    • Guest

      It was used as an example, not hard fact; “For Example…..”.

  • Guest

    And the first step in CityPlace becoming a Ghetto begins…

    • Crimson Cass
      • The Real Johnson

        I’m not sure that’s what “Guest” meant.

        I think the case actually could be made that there’s a certain type of young professional that tends to inhabit Cityplace. I don’t think it’s a stretch to predict that the addition of affordable housing in the area might make the development less desirable to those types.

        While this is a positive development for Toronto given our need for affordable housing, I could see this having a negative impact on Cityplace long term.

        • Eric S. Smith

          This still reads as “bad poor people will scare away the not-bad not-poor people,” to me.

          • The Real Johnson

            Fair enough. Though I’d amend your comment to just “not-poor.” Surely there are some bad people in Cityplace. I’ve seen them.

        • Theresastevensen

          Did I just read “there’s a certain type of young professional that tends to inhabit Cityplace”? uhmmm I’m a professional I do have my career and I did studied in a post secondary school in Toronto and my husband as well though living in Toronto became very expensive and even more if you start a family therefore this “affordable housing” it is an opportunity for people like us to live in a decent house without mice or bed bugs like kensigton market or surrounded by homeless or crazy people like Yonge and Bloor, give me a break I can noticed that most of all negatives comments are from people that doesn’t have any kids

    • Judgeetox

      Cityplace is already a ghetto, without the rental housing.

  • Guest

    I’m confused. Pictures shown are of library district condos. Ones that are for sale. so is this toronto housing or are these private residences. Someone please explain if the condos described in the article are the same ones that for sale here:

    • opinko

      The Toronto city housing is beside Library District Condos