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Spotted: 8-Bit Toronto

SPOTTED BY: Torontoist contributor Stephen Michalowicz

WHERE: Google Maps

WHEN: March 31

WHAT: Getting a jump on April Fools’ Day: Google, which introduced an 8-bit version of the world into its regular Google Map interface today. To use it yourself go to Google Maps and click on the “Quest” button in the top right corner—right where you’re used to seeing the “Satellite” button—and explore your pixelated surroundings. Here’s a fun video explaining how they did it.

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  • Gregory Flynn

    Well feed me mushrooms and call me Scott Pilgrim..

    I now live in Final Fantasy land!!!
    Instead of riding Bixi to work I’ll start taking a Chocobo.
    Those crackheads on my street corner, they’re now Imps with low HP.
    Now to gather some mages, theifs and ninjas and quest to the castle at Nathan Phillips Square to defeat Choas.

    How could one search engine produce so much love?

    • Anonymous

      *pushes up glasses*
      Actually, all of the 8-bit elements come from Dragon Quest – or Dragon Warrior as it’s known in the West – and not Final Fantasy.

  • Mark A.

    At the right zoom level they even included a separately-designed landmark near the waterfront…

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of family computer version for google maps.
    Lol. But still , it looks cute. Google is really fun to deal with.
    Like its homepage, I can always see something new.

    Shin from coupe branche