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OLG Says it Wants to Build a Casino in the Greater Toronto Area

Following months of rumours to this effect, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced today that it will be asking municipal politicians to allow the construction of a new casino somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. This will no doubt be immensely gratifying to city councillors like Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) and Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), who in the past have taken every opportunity to tout gambling revenue as a possible solution to Toronto’s budget problems. Ontario Place has been put forward as a possible casino site, though John Tory, who’s heading a panel on redeveloping the area, has said it’s probably not happening. No further details are available at the moment, but we’re sure the new gambling-based economy will be awesome. Is it too late to ask for scratch-and-win property tax bills?


  • Kevin Bracken

    Let ‘em build it. I rarely point to Las Vegas as a good example of anything, but they actually have some pretty amazing placebuilding, privately-owned public spaces and just a lot of really nice, well-done architecture and clean streets. This is all from casino money – and I don’t see it bringing an amoral apocalypse.

    • Anonymous

      Their climate kinda helps with that.

    • Yu

      I am with you here. If we are to do this, it is important to also try to imitate some aspects of Vegas other than gambling itself that attracts tourists (like the shows etc.). If done right it can actually be a great addition to Toronto. As for weather, I guess if we keep getting winters like this one, it would not really be a problem. Bring on global warming, hurray! :)

  • Anonymous

    Can we chnage OLGC’s name to “Ontario Lottery and *Gambling* Croporation”. Gaming is what you do on a Wii. What you do in a casino or with slot machines is gambling.

  • Steve

    The Town of Markham has been building a downtown for itself east of Warden and 407. The builder and owner of the land, The Remington Group, has been working on the main residential area for the last 5 years or so, but the entire project has been in the planning process for 20 years now. They have recently started construction on a Cineplex VIP theatre and retail complex, as well as facilities for the Pan Am games. Last November, the media reported that Graeme Roustan and friends have plans to build an NHL-sized arena there. If anyone has seen the area, it is a big piece of undeveloped flat land right in the geographic heart of the GTA. Remington plans to make the area lively, full of entertainment, and the envy of the Province by 2020. The rest of Toronto and the GTA might be wondering where the Casino will be built, but the people of the Town of Markham already know the answer…..