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Newsstand: March 2, 2012

Happy first Friday of March, you. In the news: the subway-versus-light-rail race may be closer than anticipated; library workers could be going on strike; a teenaged boy is punished for praising women's inner beauty; and Doug Ford sure does love casinos.

Apparently, the mayor has snagged two additional votes for city council’s final showdown to determine what now feels like the age-old question: to subway or to light-rail? Former LRT loyalist North York councillour James Pasternak has defected to the subway side, and Ford ally Ron Moeser promises not to be ill this time. While the LRT contingent say they’ve got 23 votes in the bag—a winning number—the other side is purportedly creeping ever closer; the mayor just needs to sway two more councillors to get some stuff he rejected previously but is now pretending were his ideas all along his way. To boot, while mere days ago the council meeting was moved from March 21 to March 15, it’s back to the former date, when at least one Ford ally will be rarin’ to go and not surfing the March break waves (or whatever it is city councillors who get off for March break do).

On the heels of a would-be outdoor workers (CUPE Local 416) strike, library workers voted 91 per cent in favour of a strike of their own. It’s potentially slated for March 18.

Kids say the darndest things. A 17-year-old boy and student at Ajax’s Archbishop Denis O’Connor Catholic High School was suspended for distributing a Valentine’s Day letter encouraging young women to embrace their inner beauty and stop “dress[ing] or act[ing] in a certain way to fit in.” The sentiment was expressed several months after the school drew media attention because a trustee commented on the high highs of hiked-up kilts. While both men’s statements were, arguably, pretty patronizing (inner beauty’s great, thanks for letting us ladies know, 17-year-old boy), the suspension is, if nothing else, downright confusing. But also, the last name of the principal who flung him out is “Modeste”—you just can’t make that shit up.

And, since we can never get enough transit news, Councillour Doug Ford is touting ideas like the potential North Etobicoke casino as a “creative” way to fund an extended Sheppard subway line.


  • Anonymous

    Christopher Hume interprets the latest council meeting rescheduling as a sign of panic in the Ford camp:

  • Anton Sirius

    So to fund a subway line, Dougie wants to put a casino in a location where it won’t be easily accessible by public transit. Genius!

  • Anonymous

    So they’re going to have a vote to change the decision of the vote they had to change the—

    Of forget it, I’m moving to Vancouver.

    • Anonymous

      Technically it’s (or was) a vote on the fate of the Sheppard stubway, which Stintz perhaps foolishly agreed to as a sop — after which the grateful Fordlings promptly sacked GW by way of thanks.

      The Ford camp is probably hoping to pull a face-saving, symbolic (shambolic?) “win”, and maybe divert a billion or two from the hated LRT, or just keep new transit development in limbo for the duration, whatever.

    • qviri

      Join the dark side! You can participate in the wonkery regarding choice of technology for the Broadway/UBC line. Also, we have mountains.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I missed most after moving back to Toronto from Seoul: no mountains, no hiking.

        Are your mountains accessible by subway too?

        • qviri

          I don’t think so, you might have to take a bus. The mountains are certainly visible (and majestic) from the non-subway subway though.

          I have friends who took the commuter train to go camping once.

  • morning

    I’m not sure if Moeser is a sure thing to vote for the subway ‘plan.’ He would likely support LRT on Sheppard if it extends to Meadowvale, which was the original Transit City plan

  • Bo Ngan

    Miller was right money has to be raised to get a subway. but if one needs to improve and provide mass transit now go with LRT. Ford brothers have wasted enough of tax payers money by discarding consultant fees and cancellation penalties. that is the meat and not gravy he wasted on. tiresome snd stubborn. in the meantime traffic gridlock stays and lots of empty talk with no action probably for another 50years as one ford ally ranted. These people are not pragmatic and will waste time to reinvent the wheel to solve our mass transit challenge ending up where miller had started and finidhed with. changing mayer to the helm of a more incompetent person like ford has hurt us all.

  • Chris Orbz

    North Etobicoke casino? Yeah, you know what Rexdale desperately needs amongst its struggles with poverty, criminal organizations and the vices that so often go with them? A casino.

    Build your fucking casino in Yorkville or Forest Hill.

    I wanna know who hired these guys to deliberately destroy our city. Like ‘Dubya’, I think we’re underestimating fascists because they’re pretending to be morons.