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Extra, Extra: Palacio and Port Lands

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • Ward 17 Councillor Cesar Palacio, an ally of Mayor Rob Ford, happens to represent a downtown community that recently elected NDP members to both the provincial and federal legislatures. No surprise, then, that he’s recently become the target of a negative postering campaign. Reader Schuster Gindin shot the picture above while walking down St. Clair Avenue West.
  • Meanwhile, from the other side of the municipal political divide: the I Hate The War on Mayor Rob Ford Facebook group.
  • As we mentioned earlier today, Earth Hour happens tomorrow. There are some events planned.
  • Will Waterfront Toronto’s revised revitalization plan for the Port Lands fly, when they reveal it at a public open house tomorrow? The Star‘s Chris Hume thinks not.

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  • Anonymous

    Cesar is a big fan of free pole dancing performances at City Hall. Or so I hear…

  • Steve Peeve

    Known locally as Yes-Sir Palacio.
    Always available for a photo op, be it a seniors home, earth event, community centre etc. then votes against funding with his big bud Rob Ford.
    A real 2 face’r that needs more exposure and to be tossed next election!

  • Kate

    Why was he elected then? If he has conservative leanings why does he represent a leftist community? He was ELECTED by people in said community was he not?

    Is this post meant to stir it up once again or is it in response to legitimate concerns that residents of Ward 17 are having about the councillor they have ELECTED?

    That poster smacks of reverse McCarthy era propaganda. How the worm has turned.

    This is not the way to a better Toronto.

    • Anonymous

      Holding councillors accountable is not the way to a better Toronto?

      • Kate

        That poster is not meant to hold an elected official accountable, it’s meant to malign anyone who doesn’t tow the leftist line.

        Cesar Palacio has represented Ward 17 since 2003 and now people take issue with him? For such a brutal conservative, he sure has had a good run in a liberal ward.

        • Anonymous

          The poster says Cesar Palacio “Is a member of the Mayor’s Executive Committee”, he “Votes with the Mayor 93% of the time”, and “voted FOR cuts to libraries”. Are these facts in dispute?

          This is holding a councillor accountable for his actions while on city council.

          Nothing more, nothing less.

        • Anonymous

          So removing dissent and disagreement is the way to a better Toronto?

          (And it’s “toe the line”, not “tow the line”.)

          • Anonymous

            Oh, that’s fucking rich coming from you…

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Wait… You responded to me? Rich x2

            1000 internets for you!

  • Branden

    It is a phenomenal why this deadwood keeps getting elected. If you check the voting record of this councilor before saying he represents the views of his constituents, he has constantly voted with the administration in charge.

    During the Miller administration he voted in favour of Transit City several times – in comes the Ford administration and he is dead set against it.

    During the Miller administration, Cesar voted for bike lanes on Jarvis. When Mr. Ford came in, he voted to have them removed.

    Check his out his office expenses. Under Miller and with a cap of $50,000 he spent nearly to his cap dishing out $47,658.10 (
    Under Ford, Cesar, one of the highest spending councilors of office expenses voted to lowing the office spending budget to $30,000 spending $25,165.23 (

    This is not principled leadership, this is flip-flopping. I guess it works to his benefit knowing how to speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

    • estrojennie

      he rides the Portuguese vote. and all of the folks that voted for him on my street – who don’t speak English well – have learned how to say “next time no Palacio”

  • estrojennie

    Palacio is the worst councilor i’ve ever had to deal with as a constituent. he NEVER responds to email, his “ebulletin” that i signed up for 2 years ago apparently doesn’t exist, his website is years out of date…what does this ass actually do to earn his keep? he has been riding the Portuguese vote for way too long…time to get him OUT in the next election. until then, keep hammering his office with calls and emails about how he doesn’t listen to the people that pay his salary.

  • Perfecto

    Whether we like Palacio or not, whether or not Davenport has voted NDP for their MP and MPP, the fact is that Palacio has 42-45% of the votes:

    Ward 17 – 2003 Results
    PALACIO CESAR 5,127 (45%)
    BRAVO ALEJANDRA 4,336 (38%)
    SENATER DAVID 940 (8%)
    CIMAROLI ROMOLO 530 (5%)
    TOTAL 11,394

    Ward 17 – 2006 Results
    PALACIO CESAR 4,827 (42%)
    BRAVO ALEJANDRA 4,546 (40%)
    DOMINELLI FRED 1,491 (13%)
    FARIA DAVID 206 (2%)
    VALDEZ GUSTAVO 77 (1%)
    TOTAL 11,408

    Ward 17 – 2010 Results
    PALACIO CESAR 6,154 (43%)
    SCHEIN JONAH 4,827 (34%)
    LETRA TONY 2,035 (14%)
    STIRPE BEN 751 (5%)
    MARQUES MARIA 388 (3%)
    BRAGASON BRIAN 125 (1%)
    RASAIAH KAR 94 (1%)
    TOTAL 14,374

    Defeated Schein (NDP) became Davenport’s MPP one year later. Twice-defeated Bravo (IND) has no plans to run again. A candidate may rise out of the NDP ranks in 2014.

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