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Extra, Extra: 911 Etiquette, Bottled Water Conspiracy, and Budget Date Set

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • Toronto Police Service wants you, and any small children you might know, to be reassured that yes, they do have 911 operators answering the phone. There is no need to call and check to make sure they are there.
  • Here is a guest column in the Toronto Sun, courtesy of Nestle Canada, the thesis of which appears to be that campaigns urging people to drink tap water instead of the bottled variety are actually a CUPE-led Pinko conspiracy of some kind.
  • Ontario’s budget date has been set. Everyone brace for March 27, when we find out how many of Don Drummond’s cost-cutting measures the Liberals have decided to follow through on, and whether we have discovered some hitherto unknown gravy river, whose elimination will solve all our problems. (Spoiler: no.)
  • Over at the Toronto Standard, an interesting read about Toronto’s food culture, and just how multicultural it actually is—or isn’t.
  • And finally, a warning if you’ll be out and about tonight. Environment Canada cautions that Toronto may see torrential rain and “toonie-sized hail” this evening.

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