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Duly Quoted: David Miller

“With incredible new LRT technologies and so many benefits to a surface-route expansion, cities like Toronto that adopt LRT networks will be reaping the rewards for decades to come.”

—Former mayor David Miller, writing in the Huffington Post, making the case for light rail. City council will debate a blue-ribbon panel’s recommendation for the future of transit on Sheppard—light rail—this Wednesday.


  • Anonymous

    Mr. Miller speaks from a position of reasoning, on a subject that he has researched in depth and has seen in action, first hand. His successor on the other hand, has yet to acknowledge the vast difference between LRTs and streetcars. And insists he is right regardless of expert opinion, facts, what other cities are doing or what the majority of elected councillor think. I wish the media would call Ford out for the idiot he is, ignore him and hope he just disappears for the rest of his term.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how many of those that were complaining about Miller as mayor now think he wasn’t so bad after all.

    • Chris Orbz

      You might be confusing The Toronto Sun and “the media”. They aren’t actual 5th estate, they’re a propaganda tool used by the same class of people Ford resides in, and they won’t turn on him even if he starts gunning people down in the street, they’ll just avoid reporting on anything they can’t spin and bring around to a predetermined message.

      • Anonymous

        I think they might be turning on him actually. I just hopped over there and there’s an editorial by KAren Stintz and thinly-veiled criticism in the coverage of the last weigh-in. Apropos of which, apparently Doug has switched from wanting to bring the NFL to Toronto, to wanting to open a Cheesecake Factory. Good times