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It is forecast to be Snow at 10:00 PM EST on January 29, 2015
It is forecast to be Chance of Snow at 10:00 PM EST on January 30, 2015
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It is forecast to be Mostly Cloudy at 10:00 PM EST on January 31, 2015
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Extra, Extra: Bixi Benched, Startups Mapped, and Gary Webster’s Shelved Subway Report

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

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  • Toronto is, finally, supposed to get a proper snowstorm tonight. Anticipating the worst, Bixi has announced that they are temporarily closing the entire bike share network, as of 6 a.m. Friday. They’ll start up again “as soon as conditions are safe for operation,” predicted to be by the end of Saturday. Safe riding everyone.
  • A couple of weeks ago, the Star discovered that now-former Chief General Manager Gary Webster had written a report, on Rob Ford’s request, explaining why light rail was a better option for Sheppard than subways. The mayor stuck that report in a drawer, rather than sharing it with the TTC board or the public, but the full text is now available online, courtesy of transit writer (and Torontoist contributor) Steve Munro.
  • And while Toronto wrestles with transit planning, increasing density, and understanding what attracts business to particular areas of the city, here are some infographics from MaRS on local startups, where they are located, and why they cluster where they do.

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