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“They Want Subways”: A Rob Ford Remix

According to Mayor Rob Ford, taxpayers emphatically want subways, not streetcars. But maybe, just maybe, they would also like remixes.

After Rob Ford’s infamous “It’s all about subways” comments during yesterday’s weigh-in/press scrum, some media outlets found it almost too easy to find holes in the mayor’s attempts to defend himself. Whether it’s the National Post simply publishing Ford’s words verbatim, or the Grid’s Ed Keenan restructuring them, with the simple power of artfully placed line breaks, into an inspired “found poem,” it’s become practically a game to watch Ford’s credibility unravel before our very eyes. If only the board he was playing on wasn’t our own city.

But in the spirit of turning Ford’s blunders into an art form, we fed yesterday’s speech into the Songify app, and created a “Double Rainbow”–inspired remix.