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Duly Quoted: Doug Ford

“There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow for $2 billion to fund something else. This conception we’re getting a whole bunch of money if we go another way is just not facts.”

—Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), rejecting any suggestion that council should revisit a scheme to completely bury the Eglinton LRT—a notion to which the cost-conscious Rob Ford is deeply committed, even though that will cost $1–2 billion more than the original plan (which called for putting the LRT at grade, or above ground, on eastern and western portions of the route where traffic is calmer and roads wider).


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone explained the plan is to take the same amoutn of money and spend it diferently?

    • Anonymous

      It would be futile; the Fords don’t understand numbers.

  • ginkgo

    Is he saying that they currently do not have enough money to bury the line? That is what it seems like he is saying.

    • Anonymous

      No, although it’s rather difficult to see what he is saying. It appears the administration is making its stand on the Eglinton LRT as is, and refusing to bend to any sort of compromise, even if it saves its beloved Sheppard extension from the flames. The price of compromise, even if it’s going to get it what it wants, is too high. It will have shown it will blink in the face of Council opposition. Much better to be dragged kicking and screaming into a deal.

  • Anonymous

    He is saying “my way or the highway”. So — above ground.

    • Anonymous

      Doug, like Rob, has one vote on council. We’ll see how this plays out.

    • Anonymous

      Doug, like Rob, has one vote on council. We’ll see how this plays out.

    • Anonymous

      “My way or the highway” is the Ford way! Exactly the kind of thing Stalin would have said. Only Stalin mostly GOT his way.

      • Anonymous

        The Ford support team just has to figure out a way to spin it so his own, rather dim-witted acolytes will think it was his idea all along (see: “saving” kids nutrition programs).

        What reasonably intelligent people might choose to believe is completely immaterial.

  • Paul Kishimoto

    The exact same words (but a larger dollar figure) apply to Ford’s own actions upon taking office. The man is entirely devoid of self-awareness.

    • Eric S. Smith

      Indeed, the way the Fords blew up Transit City and (seemingly magically) convinced the province to shuffle the money over to their deluxe version of Eglinton makes this argument — “No, if we don’t spend it just this way, the money’s gone!” — tremendously less convincing.

      Another piece of brilliance from the men who brought you reduced hours at the Parkdale library to offset the cost of valet leaf removal for rich people.

      • John Duncan

        I know Etobicoke’s automated leaf pickup is popularly derided, but it’s my understanding that it’s actually faster/cheaper to operate than bagged leaf pickup would be. AKA better service for less money.

        If that’s true (and I recognize it could be a misrepresentation of the facts by people who benefit), then keeping/expanding it is one of those “efficiencies” that Rob Ford campaigned on, rather than the massive waste he’s delivered.

        Of course, if we had had a proper service review that looked at what level of service we wanted to provide and best practices/required budgets to do so, instead of last year’s “core service review” boondoggle, I’d be able to make my claim without the qualifier.

  • TimFr

    I guess that their failed attempts at saving money on the city budget has soured them on the idea that spending less might actually mean there’s more money for something else. Who would have figured.

  • Antinephalist

    Right, whoever could possibly conceive that not spending 2 billion dollars here means it could be used, say, there?

  • concerned citizen

    Also true, however, is the fact that if you can build something for $2B less that’s $2B you haven’t spent….