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Authors of Transit Study Accuse Mayor Ford of Misrepresenting Them

The Pembina Institute says a note on Ford's Facebook page makes misleading use of their analysis.

On Mayor Ford’s Facebook wall Thursday, a note attributed to Ford (but possibly written by someone who works for him) was posted. It defends the mayor’s embattled transit plan by invoking an analysis by the Pembina Institute, a sustainable-energy think tank.

The mayor’s note says:

Even the Pembina Institute, a left-of centre think tank, says Mayor Ford’s plan for a Sheppard subway would attract more riders, remove more vehicles from traffic and reduce more Green House Gas emissions than the Transit City Sheppard LRT plan. The current Metrolinx plan for the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Line can do the same for Eglinton. More people will use it because it is faster than surface transit.

Thursday evening, Pembina posted a note of their own, in which they deny that their analysis (this one) lends any support to the mayor’s preferred transit configuration.

“While it’s true that a subway has the capacity to carry more riders than light rail transit (LRT) along Sheppard, our study shows that it would also cost about four times as much,” writes Cherise Burda, an Ontario transportation policy director at Pembina. “Our study also shows that the population density along Sheppard is more suitable for an LRT; even based on projected growth it is unlikely that the full capacity of subway along Sheppard would be reached.”

(Read the rest of the post here.)

Add this to the mounting pile of evidence that Mayor Ford has chosen a hell of a hill to die on.


  • Anonymous

    “a left-of centre”

    So now Rob is quoting Stalinists? WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Will a correction be posted on Ford’s facebook to admit they made a mistake? Unlikely.

    • Anonymous

      Not only will he (or whoever posts for his facebook page) not post a retraction, the whole purpose of that facebook account is to post long postings promoting his agenda, and then never once responding to any comments. There is no dialogue. That’s really bad for his branding. If Coca Cola or Dove Soap did that on their facebook pages, people would eventually stop posting. For some reason that doesn’t happen here.

      • Paul Kishimoto

        Ironic, given his affection for the “run government like a business” trope.

  • Anonymous

    Someone in Ford’s camp should tell him that he won the election. He should stop campaigning and start being mayor. At best, he is an idiot. At worst, a sociopath. Let’s hope the majority of councillors start working together in spite of the Ford brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Well, for all we know Ford cannot actually read (it’s not like there is proof in any of his actions to date) so this can hardly be a surprising mistake.