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Scene: Resodding St. James Park

WHERE: St. James Park, at King and Church streets

WHEN: 12–1 p.m. today

WHAT: One of the major arguments the City of Toronto made when it went to court to get permission to evict the Occupy Toronto camp from St. James Park was that they needed to prepare the park for winter. They also, once that eviction took place, needed to repair the damage caused by weeks of camping. Though there was some heated political rhetoric about the tens of thousands of dollars this would cost the good taxpayers of Toronto (free speech apparently being great so long as it doesn’t cost us anything), as it turns out it didn’t cost a dime: Landscape Ontario and the Nursery Sod Growers of Ontario donated both the sod (12 tractor trailers–worth) and the labour needed to lay it. That process was completed today, and by early afternoon the much-lamented dog-owners were back in the park, walking their pooches once more.


  • Logan

    That donation, it’s called good karma… and yet, there were no Occupy folks there what-so-ever… fancy that.

  • David Helleman

    Logan, are you kidding? Do you think there was an invitation? The City of Toronto didn`t make an effort to communicate with the Occupiers in the two months Occupy Toronto was down in St. James, and I know that they were not informed about this resodding, because I have been paying attention. This is what results when the city makes a false argument, looks for private companies to assist, gets a free donation of material and labour, and doesn`t communicate with the citizens of Toronto… which sounds like every other manufactured crisis over the past year of Ford governance in Toronto.

    Or perhaps you were also unaware that there was a budget meeting with over 200 people deputing, that one had to be there on time and if one missed one`s point in line by even five minutes, one was struck off the list without ability to depute later? Perhaps you didn`t because you don`t care about public representation in democracy. Would be nice to hear about generous gestures and schedules from the City, well in advance, in the future… but that is perhaps expecting too much.

    • Logan

      Clearly David, you did not. It has been in the paper for the last 2 days that they were going to be doing this.

      Also, you know nothing about me or what I feel about public representation in democracy, so cram that part where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Just because someone wants to pitch in and help as opposed to sitting around on their butts for weeks at a time complaining doesn’t mean they don’t like democracy, sometimes it means that they just disagree with you.

      Also, the Occupiers had their chance to talk with the local residents… they ended up in a screaming match when the residents had a meeting about it.

      Yup, this is what the environment and respect for it looks like… it is not what the Occupy movement looks like, because for a group that is supposed to support the environment, they sure do look like a big pack of hypocrites right now.

      • Anonymous

        “Yup, this is what the environment and respect for it looks like… it is not what the Occupy movement looks like, because for a group that is supposed to support the environment, they sure do look like a big pack of hypocrites right now.”

        Occupy’s primary concern is not grass warfare.

      • Anonymous

        Are you personally aware of the politics of the people who made the decision to volunteer their company material/time to do this?

      • Anonymous

        Funny how I didn’t need vulgarity or slander to make my point, and how easily you get provoked for someone who doesn’t like ‘complaining’…

        I didn’t sit around for weeks, I was involved with the deputations and process of participation in this city, and if I had been aware and invited to the re-sodding, I would have participated. As I would in the upkeep of hundreds of parks in the city.

        As well, for someone concerned with St. James Park, you don’t seem to mention the crackdealers and violence that preceded the OccupyTO encampment, and that the police noted went down in the vicinity while they were there, and that has returned. I won’t make any aspersions on your character or statement, but will note that this is interesting….

  • Paul Hollingsworth

    “The city had planned to resod St. James Park long before the Occupy protest because it was badly in need of new grass”

    • Anonymous

      … and as a result of the protests, they got the sod for free. Nice!

    • Anonymous

      Aw, now the 1% Online Defence Brigade can’t be indignant.

  • moles

    What are the chances sod laid in December is going to take? In the spring, that park is going to be a mess. But lovely donation, and nice PR for the companies involved.

    PS, had they asked for donations to pay for the sod, or volunteers to lay that sod, I’m sure hundreds of citizens, including most Occupiers, would have stepped up.