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Heroes and Villains 2011:

Torontoist is ending the year by naming our Heroes and Villains—the very best and very worst people, places, things, and ideas that have had an influence on the city over the past twelve months.

Today, in our last installment of heroes: displays of outstanding leadership.

    Jack Layton, for giving us such great reasons to miss him.  

    Margaret Atwood, for standing up—to the Brothers Ford, and for our libraries.  

    Kristyn Wong-Tam, for speaking her mind as part of the unofficial opposition at city council.  

From December 12–23, the candidates for Mightiest and Meanest—and new this year, a reader’s write-in option! From December 26–29 you’ll be able to vote for Toronto’s Superhero and Supervillain of the year, and we’ll reveal the results December 30.


  • Hero picks

    I understand the list for your vote needs to be small, but I’m not down with this list of heroes and can’t pick a winner from them. Although I have voted for Layton’s party often enough, I never thought much of him as a politician and lost track of him when he left for Ottawa. I have read a few Atwood novels and have heard her speak. She is okay, but a dry writer. I enjoyed the humorous banter exchanged concerning Atwood’s comment about libraries this past year, but others were more eloquent about the strengths of our libraries. I read with interest Wong-Tam’s story here, but the councillor in my own ward is surely as committed or more than any other I read about in this city. Your selections just aren’t working for me.

  • Stratton

    Atwood definitely deserves this. Wong Tam — maybe next time out. No comment on Layton,

  • Kjpottruff

    For me, Jack Layton is remembered as a fighter, and champion of the working people. A classy man, when faced with the fight of his life. He gets my vote.
    Apathetic voters should be ducking their heads. Villains they are who do not exercize their precious right to keep their freedoms, and change the way their city operates.

  • David Khan

    Occupy Toronto for changing the world

    • Jess O’Neill

      Not really…