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Toronto Sun Building To Get Three-Storey Glass Addition

Rendering from First Gulf

In early June we reported on the end of History as Theatre, the detailed, 4,300 square foot mural commissioned by the Toronto Sun for the Front Street side of its building to mark Toronto’s bicentennial in 1993. The mural was taken down by the building’s new owners, First Gulf Development Corporation, as part of renovations to the site being made to accommodate new retail tenants. First Gulf has since tweaked those renovation plans to house a new tenant, Coca-Cola, which will take up residence in a three-story glass addition being built on the west side of the building. Sun Media will remain a tenant of the building, and will so far be joined by George Brown College and a variety of retail outlets, including a No Frills, LCBO, Dollarama, and branches of CIBC and National Bank. Four commercial units are still available for rent, and when completed the renovated building will include 130,000 square feet of retail and 770,000 square feet of office space.


  • Anonymous

    What, no Ferris wheel or monorail? Just the kind of small thinking that holds Toronto back from true greatness.

  • Anonymous

    A hideous addition to a hideous building. Makes sense, I guess.

    What architect firm is responsible for this disastrous ode to metal matchsticks?

    They should paint that shit two tone brick and get back to the drawing board for the addition.

  • Mike Nowak

    On the one hand I’m really sad that we lost that mural for what is yet another generic steel+glass retail front. On the other hand, at least I’ll have an LCBO in the hood.

  • Anonymous

    Things are going so well at the Sun that they not only had to sell their building, but now they have to share it with Dollarama and No Frills. But then again, all successful media businesses are too poor to own their own building, right?? Oh…well, in that case it’s a damn good thing there’s also going to be an LCBO; the Sun Employees are darn well going to need it.

  • RimJim


  • ife

    This is awful, but it’s not an unexpected move. It’s a shame because the area has some beautiful architecture, mainly the opera house. It’s too bad too see the mural go, which was the only solace for the eyesore the building was. As also the area may lose another mural if the St. Lawrence North building project happens (thanks so the mayor, probably not).

  • Brian Hamill

    I was hoping that someone would open a good life or extreme fitness in there since there is no gym in close proximity. Dollarama, there’s one on parliament. CIBC, im with TD. LCBO, there’s one on front and another on queens quey. No Frills is more like sobeys. The prices in there do not reflect the one at gerrard square, Pretty much everything they put in that building is useless