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Timeline: Decision Day for Occupy Toronto

From the judge's decision at 9 a.m. to soccer at 1 a.m., yesterday's rollercoaster ride at Occupy Toronto.

Yesterday was full of fraught moments for Occupy Toronto, beginning at 9 a.m. when Ontario Superior Court Justice David Brown released his decision on the camp, finding that the City of Toronto could proceed with removing the camp if it chose. The mayor gave a press conference, as did church officials, and bylaw officers paid another visit to St. James to deliver more eviction notices. Midnight came and went without incident, however, and today the camp, though smaller, is still there.


  • Anonymous

    Don’t lose hope! At this very moment Kalle Lasn is gleefully plotting Phase II of the Destruction of Capitalism from his five acre farm. It won’t be over until the cities have been burned down. Once we have brought about a new stone age, it will be utopia for all. Be ready for your marching orders, they will be forthcoming…