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Spotted: Ryan Gosling, Policy Wonk

SPOTTED BY: Emma Woolley

WHERE: The interwebs

WHEN: Sunday afternoon

WHAT: Politics can be pretty dry sometimes, and in today’s Toronto the rhetoric pretty intense. Combatting both those challenges and making City Hall a warmer, friendlier, dare we say dreamier place: TO Poli Wonk Ryan Gosling.

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  • Adrianna Prosser

    I hope we put his pretty face to the whole “let’s cancel history” thing

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone find it weird how allegedly progressive women swoon for the star of a crypto-fascist film in which he plays a violent, amoral thug who emits CO2 for a living? I’m getting mixed messages here.

    Bonus link

    • Anonymous

      Are you honestly confusing the actor for the character he portrays, implying he’s only been in one movie, and saying any woman who “swoons” for him is stupid enough to do the same? You might want to think about your own message.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, rek. I apologize profusely to any women (or men for that matter) who didn’t develop a crush on the guy because of that particular role.

        I wonder how many that is?