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Duly Quoted: Fiona Crean, City of Toronto Ombudsman

“A denial [of appeal] letter was sent to Mr. K stating that the Committee had met even though it had not. The letter did not disclose that one member of the Appeal Committee had never voted on the appeal… [T]his has happened in 182 other appeals.”

—Toronto’s Ombudsman Fiona Crean, summarizing her findings into an investigation of one “Mr. K.” Mr K., a Toronto resident and parent, had children in Toronto-run subsidized daycare spaces, and filed three separate appeals of the loss of the spaces to the City due to some questions about missing documentation. Crean found “serious errors and systematic problems” in the City’s handling of such cases, including sending out letters to residents she politely called “misleading.” The full report [PDF] and a summary of it [PDF] were released earlier today. No comment as of yet from Mayor Ford, who prides himself on attention to customer taxpayer citizen service, though City Manager Joe Pennachetti has said he’ll be implementing Crean’s recommendations to try and prevent such problems in future.


  • Daniela Pirraglia

    This following excerpt from the report is funny in a terrible sort of way. From page 19:

    145. ….The internal Committee member said that “there were no ESL issues” so he should have understood.

    146. English is Mr. K’s third language.


    28. The Complainant interrupted at the front of the line and asked if he could leave a document. She told him to put it on the counter and she would scan it. He left.”
    I’m totally on Mr K’s side, but for something so important sit your ass in line and make sure things get done right.

    31. There is no record of this visit or the notice letter on the CSD information system. Mr. K did not retain a copy of the letter.
    Again, important. He has a responsibility to keep his shit in order too.

    Both Mr K and the city are amazingly incompetent at keeping track of important pieces of paper.

    The city needs to clean this horrible process up. But they won’t. Because this city is run by morons.