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Duly Quoted: Bill Blair

“[W]e are going into a weekend when many events are taking place, primarily the Santa Claus Parade that is taking place on Sunday. The Santa Claus parade is very dear to my heart and I want to make sure it goes off without interference”

—Police chief Bill Blair, expressing his concerns about yesterday’s interim injunction, which will permit Occupy Toronto to maintain its current camp in St. James Park until at least Saturday (at which point the judge will issue his final decision). Also yesterday, Blair abruptly cancelled a scheduled appearance at the Empire Club, where he was to give a talk titled “Policing: Adapting to a Changing World.” The Empire Club told us by phone that Blair gave no reason for the cancellation.


  • Anonymous

    How would cancelling the appearance be related? Just wondering.

    • Anonymous

      The speculation yesterday – before the judge issued a temporary stay on the eviction notice – was that he had to cancel to manage police operations related to the Occupy Toronto camp.

  • Umayne

    how does sitting in the park being non-productive collecting welfare (handouts) make anyone effective to create change? Get out of the park and enter the real world. I would like to see a resume of all the people that are in the parks right now. I dare say very few are actually shaker and movers that are intelligent enough to make real changes.

    • Anonymous

      Do you call all strangers names, or just the ones you disagree with?

      • Guest

        Just the jerks squatting in the park, I assume.

    • Anonymous

      why don’t you go down and ask one of them instead of sitting behind a computer complaining.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good thing that so many people are hiring right now, and that the unemployment rate is decreasing, or else your argument would make you look like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Please, Mr. Police Officer! Don’t let the bad people ruin Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    “the Santa Claus parade is very dear to my heart”

    Gosh. Well that makes the savage goonery he orchestrated during the G20 all right.