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Spotted: Lego My Bike Lane!

SPOTTED BY: Photographer Martin Reis

WHERE: Dupont and Lansdowne

WHEN: Between 7:15–9:15 a.m. this morning

WHAT: Back in July, city council voted to adjust the Dupont Street bike lane, specifically to “move the beginning of bicycle lanes from a point 40 metres east of Lansdowne Avenue to a point 70 metres west of Lansdowne Avenue.” City workers implemented that change a few weeks ago, but this morning one final adjustment: the Urban Repair Squad did their bit for the cause as well, and added a little extension to the bike lane, made out of Lego, complete with Lego people with mustaches and glasses.

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  • Lela

    This is the inanity of bike lanes in TO, a 100 meter bike lane that starts and ends nowhere. Worst of all, both councillors and cycling orgs bask in the credit for doing something! something totally ineffective and obstructing progress to a cohesive and integrated cycling infrastructure. Read: