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Scene: Occupy Toronto Gets Yurts

Photo by Christopher Drost/Torontoist.

WHERE: St. James Park

WHEN: Saturday, October 29

WHAT: As they worked to winterize their camp this weekend, Occupy Toronto protestors received a generous gift: yurts. The large, wood-framed tents are a type of shelter popular on the steppes of central Asia, where it can get pretty chilly in winter. Paid for, according to CP24, by “anonymous unions,” they’re being provided by a Canadian company called Groovy Yurts, which, yes, they kind of are.


  • Anonymous

    So, will the first inhabitants of these yurts be the homeless in the neighbourhood?

    • Anonymous

      Strawmen need to starting burning in this discussion.

      “Don’t waste your french fries, there’s starving children in Africa”

    • Anonymous

      Who is this a dig at? The more successful the Occupy movement is, the more likely the City and Province will be able to address the poverty and homeless issues to the extent they deserve.

      The homeless are also free to join the protest, aren’t they?

  • Anonymous

    … These Yurts are semi-permanent, so will the city now get serious and start charging them rent/taxes?