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Pearl Jam Twenty

If you are of a certain age there’s a good chance that at some point Pearl Jam featured into your love life. Whether the incorporation of Eddie Vedder into your move-making proved successful or not is beyond the point, as this is merely a sexualized segue into noting that everyone has heard of Pearl Jam. Programmed in accordance with TIFF’s unofficial rock doc theme this year, Pearl Jam 20 marks the band’s twentieth anniversary by (as is the way with most anniversaries) looking back. Just missing the podium with second runner up for the TIFF Audience Award, the film is part rock-doc, part concert film, and all jam. Pearl Jam that is. As the man responsible for Elizabethtown, director Cameron Crowe’s move to documentary proves to be more palatable than his prior film endeavours. Which if anything, makes him a better man. Get it?