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Newsstand: October 28, 2011

A good Friday is like a checkered flag flapping at the end of a race. Flap on, dear Friday. Here's the news: Ford is in even hotter water over the profanities in his 911 call, some downtown residents call for the end of Occupy Toronto, Ontario will get more seats in the House of Commons, and Pride Toronto gets a new executive director.

Imagine for a second you’re an elected official. It’s Monday morning, you’re a bit tired but you’re ready to tackle the day, when all of a sudden a middle-aged woman appears outside your house, dressed in a comical outfit and with a cameraman in tow. Suddenly you remember those death threats you’ve received. This could be it, you think, and you rush to call 911. But the police don’t come and still she’s out there, leering at you behind oversized frames and too much rouge. Agitated, you call for the police again, and this time you say… well, stuff that just about every adult has said at some point (most likely in relation to you). A Facebook statement and press conference later, and this is not only still an issue, but somehow it’s even bigger. Seriously, out of all the reasons to nail Mayor Rob Ford to the wall, this is the one we’re going to chase?
Update: oh god.

Deputy mayor Doug Holyday (Ward 3, Etobicoke Centre) says he has proof downtown east residents want the Occupy Toronto protesters out of St. James Park. Apparently some folks in the area aren’t too happy with people sleeping in the park, which makes us wonder how long they’ve been living in the neighbourhood. The Toronto Sun thinks it’s time for the protesters to go as well, especially with those scary Aboriginals joining in. The protesters haven’t had time to respond, because they’ve been too busy winterizing their tents to better prepare for not going anywhere for a while.

While Toronto sells off social housing to pay the bills, Durham region slumlords staff are in trouble for collecting rent from low-income housing tenants through illegal means. A judge has ordered the staff to knock it off or he’ll come by with a couple of friends to make sure they do.

Looks like, after two unsuccessful attempts, the federal government may finally be giving more seats in the House of Commons to underrepresented provinces, which include Alberta, British Columbia, and good old Ontario. And Quebec, even though it isn’t underrepresented at all. Though it hasn’t been revealed where exactly those seats will be, they will go to rapidly expanding urban areas, which has us thinking those 905-ers will be even more important in the next election.

Now, everyone give a warm welcome to the new executive director of Pride Toronto: Kevin Beaulieu, former assistant to Adam Giambrone and current assistant to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale). Hope you like getting filmed by Italian dudes, Kevin.


  • Anonymous

    The only thing regarding the cbc’s account of the events that I find strange, is the fact no 911 dispatchers have filed a complaint with TPA

    • Anonymous

      Firstly, 911 dispatchers probably hear a lot of swearing and abuse every day – and that’s just from the people with genuine medical emergencies who need help ASAP.
      Secondly, the fact this story “leaked” out suggests someone was unhappy about their treatment…

      • Anonymous

        While that may be true, generally 911 dispatchers don’t hear swearing and abuse from the person that signs their paycheque. Which makes it entirely different then the average 911 call and a grievance most certainly could be filed in this case.
        Your second point is a pretty crazy assumption. There could be a plethora of reasons for the “leak”.

    • Reason

      An interesting point. Are such complaints normally made public? I’d like to take a look at what data you’re using to make this claim. Thanks in advance for the link!

  • Anonymous

    Doug Holyday doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Protesting on public land is a right the Supreme Court has defended in the past and will again, in all likelihood, in the case of Occupy Canada.

  • Anonymous

    And Quebec, even though it isn’t underrepresented at all.

    Although not currently underrepresented, Quebec *would* be underrepresented with the reapportionment if it did not receive additional seats.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that certain provinces are over-represented, because they are guarenteed a certain number of seats under the consititution. For example, PEI is entitled to four seats, despite having only 135k people.

      Either we change the constitution so all provinces have only a 1-seat minimum; or we dramatically increase the number of MPs to over 900; or we continue with the current inequality. There are no other options.

      • Anonymous

        The proposed plan moves Ontario, BC and Alberta closer to equality. It doesn’t affect any of the other provinces (aside from Quebec) as they are already overrepresented – it simply moves them closer to equality by diluting their overrepresentation. The commentary made it sound like Quebec was getting a special, undeserved, deal, but absent giving Quebec additional seats, Quebec would be the one province that was rendered an unfairness in the deal (by moving them from equality to underrepresented).

        • Anonymous

          I don’t disagree…. I was trying to make the point that these changes do nothing to address the fundamental problem.