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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford

“You…bitches! Don’t you fucking know? I’m Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city!”

—Allegedly, Mayor Ford to 911 dispatchers early Monday morning; he called them when Mary Walsh of This Hour Has 22 Minutes popped up at his home in costume to surprise him for a segment for the show. The surprise part, at least, was successful—Ford was certainly taken aback. So taken aback—and his daughter so scared, he says—that he called 911 to request help. CBC is reporting that Ford called in once and “asked for police assistance but became agitated as he waited, and called back to ask when officers would arrive.” It is during this second call that the swearing apparently took place. Neither Ford nor Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack have spoken to the media about the incident.


  • Dead Robot

    This makes me believe that he’s getting more threats that he lets on…

    That or he’s like… you know, an asshole that treats people badly.

  • TCalnan

    “What do you mean they’re at a triple homicide?!? I’m Rob f***king Ford!”

    • Anonymous

      Loved the link! Thanks

  • LeslieCz

    Ford should be charged with abuse of the 911 service.

  • JohnnyDeeLite

    I mainly feel bad for the guy. Being under siege isn’t easy for anyone, no matter how well-deserved, and leads to over-reactions especially in the heat of the moment. And Ford’s never been good at doing his thinking before his talking/acting even before the stress of being Mayor.

    What I’m actually more curious about is that the CBC crew swears up and down that Ford’s daughter was nowhere in the vicinity. Did they just not see her, or is this another case of him lying (and believing his own lies) in situations where he’s bound to be caught out?

    • Anonymous

      Video is publicly available. Did you see her? This idiot is so concerned with his daughter that he goes inside his house and screams profanities at a 9-1-1 dispatcher presumably in front of his daughter.

      He’s using his daughter as an excuse – hiding behind a 6 year old and exploiting her to get sympathy.

      • Anonymous

        Shouldn’t she have been in school, or on her way, at that time?

        • Anonymous

          Taking a queue from Hudak, who thinks a 6 year old’s don’t know their ABC’s or how to tie their shoes?

    • Alekt

      Well, there’s actual video of the incident online, and it seems as though, no, his daughter was nowhere to be seen. I think it’s safe to call BS on him… yet again.

    • Marc Lostracco

      While I’m not a fan of ambushing people on camera, Ford knew exactly who it was. He knows what program it is (it’s even written on the microphone) and which network it is (there are CBC logos on the camera).

      “Oh, no! That political comedy program is here with cameras rolling! I’d better call 911 before they make me look stupid!”

  • Anonymous


  • David Toronto

    Jerry Agar at CFRB has been on this subject for a whole hour now and
    probably will carry it on to noon. He is relentless in his defense of Ford
    –as much as CFRB is relentlessly conservative.

    And they wonder why they’re about 10th in a 21 radio station market.

    • Eric S. Smith

      He is relentless in his defense of Ford

      Let us now pause to imagine the hyperventilation of Fordists had one of those horrible lefty councillors been caught cursing out a 911 operator. “Teacher, teacher, he swored!”

      And they wonder why they’re about 10th in a 21 radio station market.

      I think you’ll find that it’s due to unfair, state-subsidized competition by the Communist Broadcasting Corporation, comrade.

  • Anonymous

    He probably took it out on the 911 dispatcher because his wife wasn’t around.

    Ford’s handlers have told him never to engage the media without a briefing first. For obvious reasons. He is unable to engage in an unscripted conversation. Every time he does, it ends, in him making an ass of himself. The simple reason being, it’s hard to come up with a good lie on the fly! Lying seems to be his preferred modi operandi.

  • Anonymous

    The man needs a full-time, live-in handler. It’s not like he can’t afford it. And if he’s had all these death threats, why not a personal bodyguard, or at least a cruiser parked in his driveway 24/7?

    Heck, we paid for it, and how.

  • Fffdddeee

    Rob: ugh
    Doug: what, hun?
    Rob: like, i had to make like, the worst call ever yesterday
    Mammoliti: omg no way
    Doug: ya, like tell us babe
    Rob: okay, so like, the cbc was in front of my truck with a camera, and like just no! i wasn’t even ready
    Mammoliti: omg no way
    Rob: seriously, like i called 911 and they were so dumb they didnt even help. they didnt even know who i was, i was like “do you bitches even know who you’re talking to, i’m like tha mothafuckin mayor”
    Doug: oh my gosh just like dont let it stress you out, omg you’re going through so much, like just don’t worry they’re assholes
    Rob: ugh ya just like im above that, ya know?
    Mammoliti: omg no way

  • JM

    even if this entire thing was a fabrication, a horrible distortion of truth to every degree, a disgrace to journalism: THANK YOU CBC.

    • JM

      I’m also curious to find out if this was a very nice fuck you from the police to the Fords

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you finally changed the double primes to quote marks for this column.

  • Anonymous

    Rick James wants Rob Fucking Ford to stop ripping him off.

  • Aqeeq Ansari

    that quote is going on my T-Shirt, and DONT YOU DARE STEAL MY IDEA!

  • Giddings

    There’s a bumper sticker