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A New Look For the Blue Jays?

Is the team adopting a variant of its classic logo?

It may be back to the future time for the Blue Jays.

Based on a leaked image picked up by the “athletics aesthetics” website Uni Watch, the 2012 Blue Jays may adopt a variation of the iconic logo the team used during its first two decades. While the version making the rounds of the internet lacks the baseball backdrop of the original version, sites like The Score are reporting that their sources indicate a ball will be part of the final design.

The Star, who asked its readers to design a new Blue Jays uniform last month, notes that a change has been in the works, but the organization has kept a tight lid on what they’ve devised. When we contacted the team’s communications department this morning, they expressed surprise about the potential new look. As an employee put it succinctly, the logo was “news to me.”

Going back to a variant on the original logo makes sense for the Blue Jays, as the 2012 season marks the team’s 35th anniversary. The design could invoke nostalgic memories among fans that the generic current logo likely never will, especially if those flashbacks involve the championship teams of the early 1990s.

Who knows, maybe Blue Jays–branded junk food will also make a comeback.


  • Serpiginous

    Seems like a waste of time. Putting that effort into improving the quality of the team on the field would likely sell more merchandise than updating the aesthetic of the team’s logo.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if only the coaches and management would spend less time designing logos and more time working on the talent!

      • Serpiginous

        You’re right. I’m sure the logo was made pro bono, because surely the team wouldn’t divert their limited funds from things like player and coaching payrolls to put towards such frivolity.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think you understand. There is no reason rebranding and “improving the quality of the team on the field” can’t be done simultaneously. The people at the Jays involved in branding and merchandise are not the people in charge of recruiting or training players. It costs the latter nothing – certainly not time, as you allege – for the former to pursue this.

          As for limited funds, Rogers isn’t hurting for cash even if the Jays are a loss for them. If frugality is the concern, how about trimming some of the fat from under-performers on the nine-digit payroll?

  • Sasha

    this logo sucks. i design logos for living. someone on the team has a cousin with adobe installed on their computer, which immediately renders them a graphic designer. the maple leaf is such a beautiful object, but on this poor bird it looks like a cancer. and yes, it was probably pro-bono, i doubt anyone up there in the team management understands and respects design enough to pay someone to do it. what a shame.

  • Anonymous

    they just took the old logo and made the leaf bigger. i could do that… in mspaint