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Urban Toronto: Spadina Crescent, Then and Now

City of Toronto Archives, Series 372, s0372_ss0058_it1828.

Earlier this month we did a Spadina Crescent walkabout over the course of a few days. Are you up for it? Let’s go.


First, peeking into the frame from the left we have the 1875 Gothic Revival building that was the first Knox College (above), which became the Spadina Military Hospital in 1915. After 1943, the hospital became Connaught Medical Research Laboratories. Then, in 1972, it became classroom space for the University of Toronto.

Photo by Jeff Low/Urban Toronto.


May 2011. As the termination vista point for Spadina Avenue, this is one of the more visually interesting sections of this street. The streetcar, as it appears suddenly from around the bend, adds a sense of transportation drama.
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