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  • andrew97

    “People who make life choices that are different from mine are assholes!”

  • Bryan Cook

    One of my favourite parts of the article is when the author said that while in the city they are an asshole becasue noone knows them. Makes me kinda happy they leave the city.

  • Mark Richard Francis

    When you move to somewhere, you are accepting the service levels as they are. If you want more service after that, you may need to pay more taxes.

  • TheGhostof Jane Jacobs

    We used to call these people 'YUPPIES'. I don't know what to call them now – perhaps 'YESSIES': Young Entitled Self-absorbed Suburbanites?

  • tyrannosaurus_rek


  • HamutalDotan

    Our fidelity to calling it like we see it remains unimpeached!

  • andrew97

    Hey Ghost of Jane Jacobs, thanks for killing the Spadina Expressway! But now, in 2011, do we really need to have a knife fight about every civic improvement project that comes down the pipe and is obviously a good idea? St Clair ROW and Pearson express rail, I'm looking in your direction.

  • Anonymous416

    Only if they make life choices that impose costs on others, then complain that others aren't paying their share.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    I'm calling the magazine and flee-to-the-suburbs types traitors, not Brett/Torontoist.

  • mariapd

    It's the war of the blogs!!

  • HamutalDotan

    Oh! Well then, carry on.

  • Jeff Hume

    I find this comic more obnoxious than the actual subject it is commenting on.

  • Brett Lamb

    It's more interesting if you say WHY.

  • edmundoconnor

    You could perhaps ask the residents of Weston and other along the rail corridor for the proposed air rail link, and see what they think of hundreds more diesel trains rolling through their neighbourhood. Per day. There are good ideas, and there are bad ideas, andrew97. The air rail link as it stands is a bad idea.

  • edmundoconnor

    According to TL, we're all silly, silly people. When they said “burbs”, they meant *exurbs* (whatever the hell that means). Silly us! Goalposts: shifted!

  • andrew97

    Haha, right. “Oh, those poor people! Imagine their surprise and horror to learn that the train tracks would be used … for TRAINS!”

    ps. I (and my entire vibrant neighborhood) live within 500 m of a busy rail line, I barely notice it.

  • qviri

    Should the Georgetown corridor be electrified? Sure… same with much of the rest of the system. Should we wait until GO kindly rolls into the 1960s and starts electrifying until we have a sane transit connection between the country's largest city and the country's busiest airport? I'm not so sure.

  • nevilleross

    They're not supposed to exist, because of the recession/depression we're going through.

  • nevilleross

    Bullcrap. Nobody wants noisy diesel trains blowing through their neighborhood,and they have a right to say no.There is a difference between them and the people shown here in this cartoon.

  • andrew97

    What gives them the right to say no? When these people were buying their houses, did they not look over the back fences and see the rail lines? Nobody held them at gunpoint and forced them to live there.


    I used to have a rail line only 10 m rom my rear window, (Dupont/Lansdowne) which also had a nice view of the American Standard Toilet factory. I got used to the trains, and the MOE truck out front which would test air quality every few weeks. You get used to the nightly trains passing after a few weeks.

  • andrew97

    The GE plant just around the corner from there was one of my favorite old factories in the city. I'm a little sad it got condo-fied.