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Duly Quoted: Giorgio Mammoliti

“We do need to take them off the streets and we need to do it forcefully.”
—Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West), on how the City should treat its homeless citizens. He told that he wants the province to change its current legislation to allow the City to take homeless individuals off the streets; as of now, for forceful removal to take place an assessment must determine an individual is a danger to him or herself or to others. Mammoliti believes transitional housing is the best solution, but the provincial or federal government should pay for it, not the City. “Jail is not the place to put them because it costs us $3,000/day per person,” he says. Rob Ford has selected Mammoliti to chair a task force on homelessness in September.


  • 24601

    This is gonna cost us…

  • torontothegreat

    How are we going to get up, if that's the way we get down?

  • blearghhh

    I really think that Mammoliti is now doing things purposefully for no other reason than to piss people off.  I'm just not sure why…

  • istoronto

    Mammoliti is trying to out “ford” the Fords. Must be some kind of strategy of theirs to keep the media from reporting on important issues. I can hear Doug now “Georgio, go out there everyday and say something way over the top, to keep those commies preoccupied, so we can go about dismantling and privatizing everything without any interference or objection”.

    All conjecture aside, I think Mammoliti is showing signs of mental illness. It's the only explanation for the way he is behaving. Wonder how he would feel if he ended out on the street?

  • Matt

    Both he and FordCo are clearly insane. I can see why their fellow crazies feel the need to threaten their lives with such irrational statements coming out of their pieholes on a daily basis. If they'd like to actually talk to someone with day-to-day experience working with the homeless and marginally housed, I'm happy for Mammoliti or FordCo to contact me though I'm certain neither will. These statements come across as the sort of the thing that makes George W Bush look relatively moderate. Seriously. It's bordering on frightening at this point. And the constituents who elected these individuals to lead their ridings clearly have their own suspect psychiatric problems.

    Like I said, I'm happy to talk to Mr Mammoliti or FordCo if they'd like to have the first intelligent conversation of their respective careers.

    Matt Mendelow RN BScN MSN(c)
    Sherbourne Health Centre Infirmary Program

    *My comments are my own and in no way reflect the opinion of my employer.

  • CraigC_TO

    Either he's trolling or he really is out to lunch. That jail was even considered sends up red flags. Maybe he needs to check for tumors?

  • HotDang
  • dsmithhfx

    Misdirection would be my guess. While he and Dougie get the commies all hot and bothered, Ford proceeds apace with inflicting real, lasting damage to our city, like stacking boards with fellow travelers.

  • James S. Mathien

    I'm not a constitutional lawyer or anything, but I'm pretty sure that forcibly rounding up homeless people wouldn't stand a charter challenge.

  • AlexanderWiebe

    Recent scientific studies have shown that homeless people are, in fact, made entirely of gravy.

    …whaddya mean, which studies?  You some kind of commie?!?

  • Nick

    They're also using the Kleinian disaster capitalism philosphy to scare the populace into service cuts. Huge deficit – hack away! instead of actually finding the purported gravy and using this to not cut any services as promised.

  • AlexanderWiebe

    Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, section 9:

    9. Detention or imprisonment: Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.
    1982, c. 11, Schedule B (U.K.), s. 9, effective April 17, 1982.

    I think that about covers it.  (Of course this leads to what Mammoliti calls the “bureaucratic nightmare” of waiting until people actually commit criminal offences before arresting them.)


    So putting homeless people in jail is dismissed not because it's barbaric and shames all Canadians, but because it costs too much?

  • Matt Patterson

    If people who are a threat to themselves or others can already be forcefully removed, then how does Mammoliti want the law changed?  Does he want to forcefully remove people who are NOT a threat?  If so, doesn't that mean anyone can just be grabbed off the street?  Or can we only be removed on suspicion of being homeless?  Should I be carrying around copies of my apartment lease if I want to avoid being arrested?

  • Paul Hollingsworth

    Remember, Mr. Mammoliti has been put in charge of both the homeless and childcare. Soon they start to take anyone under 10 years old forcefully off the streets. ….And that children is how our city became a plot point in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  • butterfly99

    Walking to the gym today then for a coffee on the way home. I was accosted by no less then three groups of binder kids.
    I was going to ask how they feel about Georgy boys idea of arresting them and putting them in a hospital to be cured of their panhandling.
    Hmm should ask the pamphlet guys at Yonge and Dundas the same thing. Also the painted lady and the painted guy with a thing for uniforms and super heroes. Also the hip hop, pay me to do something, dancers. There is also the candy guys and the sidewalk painter, the religious cults. Can't forget the corporate beggars either.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    He's a lunatic.

  • isyouhappy


  • isyouhappy

    He's simply trolling yet again. We need to stop feeding the political trolls 'leading' our city with attention. Every time we get all hot and bothered and riled up by some intentionally stupid comment we feed into their strategy. I'm surprised how many times the “Let's set fire to libraries/homos/women/art galleries/homeless insert left wing cause here” is used and the left gets all worked up. Enough. Let's move on.

  • dsmithhfx

    It is exactly this kind of analytical thinking and strategizing that is required, rather than panic and hysteria.

    The Ford bros and Mammoliti are demonstrable idiots (and apparently proud of it), but they are also puppets serving devious and powerful forces hellbent on wrecking all forms of government. I mean these dudes are fronting serious anarchists.

    The only way they can be stopped in this city is by cutting off their oxygen: council votes.

    Their more respectable “allies” on council (stooges is a better word) — the Karen Stintzes and Michael Thompsons — must be made painfully aware that staying on the Ford bandwagon as it sinks in a cesspit of rage and stupidity is going to cost them big time.

  • sezmesez

    I think Mammoliti should put the homeless in charge of childcare, and as payment, the parents of those children could put up the new childcare workers at night. Problem=solved, the Mammoliti way.

    Seriously, though, I've lived here since the early 80s and panhandling is currently at a low ebb. Does anyone besides FordCo have a real problem with panhandlers these days?

  • Shirley Bush

    Would never want to live in Mammoliti's ward… they keep re-electing him!  What sort of neighbours would you get?

  • dangouge

    How long before we can declare the current administration to be the worst administration ever.

  • Brett Lamb

    “Did you hear that Rob Ford said he didn’t know who Margaret Atwood was? I mean, even I’ve know about Margaret Atwood.”

  • Ben Johnson

    Wow. Giorgio just keeps the hits coming.

     If you're at all interested in sharing ideas about the city on facebook, but you're too much of a Pinko for Mammoliti's group, I've created “Too Commie For Giorgio.” Join up and spread your communist propaganda.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    It was officially declared months ago.

  • bell the cat

    He's getting very close to hate speech – just substitute the “homeless” with “jews”, or “muslims”.  Why do the poor belong in jail – they haven't done anything wrong.

  • bell the cat

    Don't forget our constitutional right to movement. We're allowed to “hang around” pretty much anywhere we like – that's what killed the vagrancy (poor) laws in the 80's – thank you Pierre Trudeau!