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Video Tribute to Jarvis Bike Lanes

In anticipation of tonight’s Ride for Jarvis, Ride for Toronto event, a video tribute to Jarvis Street and its current state: one with dedicated space for both cars and cyclists, and through which everyone travels at a decent pace. Heart-swelling soundtrack aside, the video does illustrate one key point: at 8:30 a.m., traffic isn’t jammed, and there are plenty of cyclists benefiting from the bike lanes currently in place.


  • butterfly99

    Sad to think that this city counsel allows those outside the neighborhood dictate what happens in another neighborhood.

  • Anonymous416

    One of the many ironies of the car: Everyone wants to conveniently drive through others' neighborhoods while keeping their own safe and quiet.

    Twisty roads with stop signs?  War on the car.  One-way side streets?  War on the car.  Dead-end cul-de-sacs? War on the car.  But it's OK if it's in front of *your* home.

    So Moore Park gets traffic calming for 'community safety', but Jarvis gets 5 lanes because 'traffic will flow better'.