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Improv in Toronto, Dancing on the Subway Once More

There are many interesting tests of a person’s character. Do you take the last cookie without offering to split it? Put the milk back in the fridge with just half a sip left? Help old ladies across the street?
Another revealing situation: what do you do when strangers unexpectedly start getting down during your usually-mundane commute? Do you get a little weirded out, wonder who the crazy hippie freaks are, and look steadily at your paper until the whole thing is over? Do you smile benevolently but stay firmly on the sidelines? Or are you one of those rare souls who jumps in gleefully, happy to rank fun over convention?
Putting Torontonians to this test once again recently were Improv in Toronto, who held one of their periodic pop-up subway dance parties last week. And so, here are startled-passenger faces to distract you on a Monday morning.