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Vandalist: Fordzilla

Once a week, Vandalist features some of the most interesting street art and graffiti from around Toronto. You should contribute.
20110506vands1.jpg 20110506vands2.jpg

BY: Justin Pape
LOCATION: Kensington Market and Queen Street West
PHOTOS BY: Scott Snider (top left and right) and Connie Tsang (bottom)
FIELD NOTES: With Stephen Harper and Rob Ford seemingly reigning supreme, it’s easy to imagine a Toronto without adequate funding for, among other things, art, public transit, and safe streets for cycling. This ‘Fordzilla’ series, which depicts a “cartoon glutinous Rob Ford eating things he would like to remove from the city,” also serves as a reminder that, no matter what happens, we will always have paint, walls, and voices. (Here is a delightful video of the artist in action.)

CORRECTION: May 7, 8:38 AM Photo credit goes to Scott Snider, not Scott Snyder, as we originally wrote.