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Toronto’s Most Memorable Movie Moments

Did you guys know they shoot movies in Toronto? It’s true! They shoot all kinds of movies. Big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, artful Canadian dramas, wistful indies, all sorts of stuff. And with the recent announcement that Toronto would be hosting its biggest-budgeted production to date, the forthcoming remake of the 1990 sci-fi epic Total Recall (starring puny girly-man Colin Farrell in the role originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), as well the announcement that local boy David Cronenberg would be back in town this summer, shooting his adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis (starring Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson), we thought we’d map some of our favourite T.O. movie moments. Just consider this your very own Hogtown Star Map.

Chloe The Incredible Hulk Half-Baked A History of Violence Resident Evil: Apocalypse American Psycho The Silent Partner Billy Madison

To learn more about the movies that have made their mark in and on Toronto, click the numbered circles on the map—each is also a link to the corresponding edition of Reel Toronto, in which we explore the films’ Toronto-y aspects in detail. (Eight of the ten flicks listed here are clickable.)
Introduction and location descriptions by John Semley.


  • Matt_Roxx

    How could Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World be left out, it has several great locations in the city.

  • moviefannetwork

    Class of 1984

  • Adam

    I’m to believe that the “how do you like them apples” scene from Good Will Hunting isn’t a more memorable scene than any one of those listed here? The Upfront Bar & Grill on Front Street was used for that gem. And how about the use of Casa Loma in the X-Men movies?

  • Bytowner

    Re: the Hulk movie’s Yonge St.-as-Harlmen moments…the sight of the old Sam the Record Man sign wasn’t a dead giveaway?

    • Bytowner

      Apologies for misspelling “Harlem”. I plead premature senility. Or job-hunter stress.