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Bye, and Thanks

Photo by Miles Storey/Torontoist.

Today, December 31, is my final day as Torontoist’s editor-in-chief: I start at OpenFile as their inaugural Toronto editor next week, and Hamutal Dotan, who’s long been a big part of what makes Torontoist great, starts as editor-in-chief here tomorrow.
I’ll miss Torontoist, but I’m excited for it.
Torontoist has grown dramatically in the four and a half years that I’ve been its editor; ten times as many people read it now as did then. Now, we run original reporting, photography, and illustration, alongside a feature-length history column, alongside a thing about movies that were shot in Toronto but usually pretend not to be, alongside a comic about an alien trying to figure Toronto out. Whatever we do, we try to do it either quicker, or better, or at the very least differently than anyone else in the city. We take stuff like ethics seriously, and when we make mistakes, we take those seriously, too. We try to show Toronto as it really is, and not shy away from arguing for how we think it ought to be.
As our readership has grown, our reputation has alongside it—even faster after we got saved, and became partners with the Globe and Mail. Now, we’re stronger than ever, with a big year behind us, and what I’m sure will be plenty more ahead.
More than anything else, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve all built together—contributors, editors, publishers, and readers, too, past and present—and very honoured to have been a part of it. I love what Torontoist has been, I love what it is now, and I love what it’s still becoming. I can’t wait to see what it’ll be next.
David Topping
Editor-in-Chief, 2006–2010


  • MichaelOrnot

    Thanks David,
    We've liked you too.
    Good luck.

  • Ryan Raz

    Best wishes for the new year

    “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

  • Paul Kishimoto


  • accozzaglia

    This photo should belong in an instalment of the Daily Photoist, even if Miles is on the Torontoist payroll. It's good stuff of David.

    If I may, I shall like to call this shot “David Topping #3″, following #1 and #2.

  • Chris Chin

    Four! More! Years!

    Seriously though David, thanks for everything and best wishes for your new venture with OpenFile.

  • nbenko

    Thanks David,
    All the best in 2011 and beyond!

  • Adam Mohammed

    Thanks and Congratulations! OpenFile sounds cool!

  • Ruttle

    Best wishes on your new job – you've done a great job here!

  • David Toronto

    You built up Torontoist and made it a successful
    blog site for the city and its residents.
    To that, I say Bravo!

    Best wishes to you and your new career at

  • martinreis

    Thank you for everything, David. You did great.

  • sezmesez

    Thanks, best wishes, and (sniff) bye!

  • Nicholas Hume

    You did a great job – good luck David

  • wanderoo

    Over the past five years Torontoist has been one of my main sources of Toronto news when I've been in town and—especially—when I've been away. Thank you, David, for everything you've done for the place, including sticking around to keep it alive when it nearly folded back in 2008.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your work over at Openfile, but I hope you still pop in to the comment threads here, from time to time.

    p.s. Disqus seems to have eaten my original comment—twice. I'm reposting without the embedded links; my apologies if the earlier two comments show up later.

  • neps

    Thanks David for making Torontoist and the rest of the cities a better place. You're passion was always appreciated and you'll be missed!

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Bye David, see you on the Facebooks!

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Bye David, see you on the Facebooks!