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Extra, Extra: Pun-Friendly Bags, Bike-Friendly Councillors, and Joke-Ready Logos

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Photo by Dee Lisa from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

  • We’re not sure if competition is fierce to create the greatest leaf and yard waste disposal bags of all time, but these must be them.
  • How bike-friendly is your councillor, anyway? From Biking Toronto, a handy chart that “takes all the voting records” of councillors, according to the Toronto Cyclists Union’s record of how they voted on issues concerning cyclists and cycling [PDF], “and gave councillors +1 point when they made a bike-friendly vote and -1 point when they either made a bike-unfriendly vote or didn’t bother to show up to vote.” You can probably guess which mayoral candidate is tied for the lowest spot.
  • Speaking of, how quickly do councillors return phone calls? OpenFile picks seven, at random, in an interesting exercise—though one that, with the smallish sample size, is hard to draw much of a pat conclusion from. The solution? Quick, everyone, set the timer, and call your councillors for no reason! They work for you, you know.
  • And hey, Toronto Entertainment District BIA! You are probably very nice, and we like your public call for ideas for John Street Square, at King and John, but your logo still does look more than a little bit like a short…uh…well. You know.

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  • accozzaglia

    It looks like an electric plug to me. It there’s anything perverse about it, then I can’t see it and/or someone’s got an overactive imagination.

  • rek

    That’s what I see too.

  • http://undefined James

    I don’t see anything either, but if it’s supposed to look inappropriately like something, then there’s a joke about the letters ED to be made.

  • http://undefined james a

    HE’S TALKING ABOUT A PENIS’re welcome.

  • accozzaglia

    Oh my god. Really?

  • http://undefined thestatesman

    pun friendly bags? whoa

  • http://undefined Deesse

    I work for a non-profit organization and we invited every Councillor in our wards (18 wards) MP and MPP, Mayor etc., and 1 person showed up. They all got PLENTY of notice, both by email and regular mail! They all talk about being there for our youth, but when the youth call them to come to an event, they don’t show. Most didn’t even reply!