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Duly Quoted: Carl Paladino

“I stumbled on one [Gay Pride parade] in Toronto one time, with my wife, and we watched this….And there were men in Speedos grinding and doing things, okay, to each other on this tractor-trailer. And I just said that’s not right.”
—Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for governor of New York and one big mess of a human being, tries to explain to Fox News that he has “absolutely no reservations whatsoever about homosexuality,” in spite of having rather obvious reservations about homosexuality (and Toronto too, apparently). [via @ivortossell]


  • qviri

    It sounds like he’s got reservations about Pride Parades, and, perhaps knowing to avoid the one in New York, he can only speak of the time he witnessed one in Toronto. I didn’t get any anti-Toronto vibes at all, unless by “it’s just not right” he was referring to two-story buildings along a city’s busiest subway line.

  • accozzaglia

    I saw that in the news yesterday, and my reaction was all “bwahahahahaa.”
    You don’t just “stumble” into Pride in Toronto. It’s not as if it randomly happens all over the city like little unpredictable bush fires. Or like a G20 riot.
    In the back of his mind, he was totally enjoying the spectacle.

  • http://undefined rek

    Maybe he doesn’t like tractor trailers.

  • http://undefined Edmund

    Absolutely right. You don’t ‘stumble’ on Pride, you stumble on a tree root. You get plenty, plenty of warning (unless you’re completely oblivious to your surroundings, like Paladino).
    I have to love the use of ‘things’. So much uptightness, moral rectitude and dare I say hypocrisy bound up in one little word.
    Paging Dr. Freud …

  • http://undefined thelemur

    He’s just peeved that it wasn’t happening in Buffalo instead.

  • Christopher Drost

    actually it’s possible to ‘stumble’ on pride – if you’re staying in a hotel away from the festivities and don’t tune into local news – you might very well find yourself in the middle of it without planning. happened to me in montreal – for unlike Paladino – made for an absolutely awesome day.

  • Dry Brain

    I will concur: I too stumbled upon a Toronto pride parade. Specifically the 2008 parade. I’d just moved to town the day before and was wandering around exploring. I cross Yonge St and noticed that the road seemed to be closed with barricades, and there were a bunch of people and a lot of noise. Turned the corner onto Church and whoa! Pride parade in full effect.
    In contrast to Mr. Paladino however, I was not taken aback with the moral depravity of it all. I thought: “This kind of thing is why I moved here.”

  • http://undefined Marc Lostracco

    I wonder if the following statement would apply to Paladino: “I stumbled upon the Pride parade and was so offended that I had to stay and watch the entire thing.”
    As for the think-of-the-children hand-fluttering, a parent’s job is to parent, and some parents parent differently. I, for example, have a young son and I couldn’t care less if he saw some glittery boobs or a wayward, flaccid doinger, yet I’m not going to let him anywhere near the Church Street Fetish Fair. He’s been to Pride (although not the parade) and likes nothing more than to eat booth food, dance in the middle of the street, and look at the ridiculous costumes…which is kinda why most people like it. Sure, there is the occasional questionable element, but he’s also walked past Zanzibar, Seduction, and the Brass Rail many times, and they aren’t necessarily known for their subtlety in façade design. Your job as a parent is to explain things and give kids the tools to understand and evaluate their environment, because there’s a shitload of stuff you can’t shield them from no matter how hard you try.
    I’d rather a child see a goofy little sprite with a rainbow painted over her bare breasts at Pride than a painted hoochie in the window of Zanzibar with stars superimposed over her nipples and her airbrushed legs in the air (presumably to protect the crusty furniture from being punctured by her 40-cm acrylic heels).