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Rob Ford Truck Touting “Respect For Taxpayers” Ironically Parks Disrespectfully Over Taxpayer-Serving Bike Lane


Photos by Linda Noelle Bush.

On Monday evening, at around 6 p.m., Linda Noelle Bush was inside her house on Annette Street near Indian Road Crescent when, she says, “I noticed the lack of light in my front room. All I could see was FORD!”
What she found outside her house was an immense Rob Ford campaign truck, longer than Bush’s house is wide, parked so that it blocked part of Annette’s eastbound bike lane with its side and a neighbourhood alleyway with its front. Bush figures that it was parked there for about an hour, but, she says, “I didn’t get a knock on my door…maybe my garden looks too lefty!” (“I wanted to egg it,” she adds, “but was just getting my young son to bed.”)
Back in July, a George Smitherman staffer caught a Joe Pantalone campaign smart car parked over top of a Harbord Street bike lane. Mike Smith, Pantalone’s spokesperson, told the Sun then that his boss’s tiny car was parked there for just “thirteen seconds.” Some competition.
While Ford has said previously that “roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes,” his campaign’s director of communications, Adrienne Batra, told Torontoist over the phone on Wednesday that any obstruction of the Annette bike lane “was certainly unintentional.” The truck’s driven by volunteers, she explained, and “with a vehicle of that size, it’s sometimes challenging to keep it between the lines.”
Bush, meanwhile, is leaning towards Keith Cole for mayor—but says she’ll vote for Smitherman if that’s what it’d take to prevent Ford from winning.
Thanks to Tyler Clark Burke for the tip.


  • Stells Bells

    “The truck’s driven by volunteers, she explained, and “with a vehicle of that size, it’s sometimes challenging to keep it between the lines.”

    Excellent. So the roads are built for cars, trucks, buses, and people who have trouble staying between the lines. That just makes me .~^burst^~. with a warm-fuzzy sense of public safety.

  • eller

    Who needs satire blogs and Wikipedia edits? This guy is his own gong show with its crosshairs focused on ruining his reputation on his own.

  • http://undefined Bleb

    I’m far from a Rob Ford cheerleader, but this seems like a bit of a ‘grasping at straws’ non-story. His bus was too big to fit in the curb lane and blocked part of a bike lane as a result.
    I won’t speculate as to why Mr. Ford needs such a behemoth of a vehicle to get him from one side of the city to the other, but there are plenty of more important and real issues to confront his campaign with.
    Going after him for things like this seems sort of small and petty, and only makes it easier for his team to dismiss left-leaning voices as whiny and out-of-touch.

  • rek

    Where does Ford think bikes belong? Those lanes are legal, riding on the sidewalk is not.

  • CanadianSkeezix

    Nobody is “going after” anyone. This is just one of those amusing sidestories in which Torontoist specializes. This particular story is made somewhat more relevant/ironic given the media coverage a few months back about enforcement of laws prohibiting parking in bike lanes, and Rob Ford’s longtime opposition to bike lanes. That’s all.

  • http://undefined mattalexto

    I hate the guy, but that truck is clearly not parked in the bike lane, and I don’t think it could even be ticketed for this. This story should not be about the truck being in a bike lane, it should be about the truck being enormous.

  • http://undefined EricSmith

    Where does Ford think bikes belong?

    Objection, Your Honour. The question assumes facts not in evidence.

  • thelemur

    That Rob Fraud’s team thinks a great big motorhome is needed to campaign in the city says a lot about the Toronto-hating suburbanite candidate.

  • qviri

    To be fair, who actually cares about a parking job like this and was going to vote for Ford?
    And I agree, other than the thing being enormous and bothering to show up on Annette in the first place there isn’t much to the story.

  • http://undefined Bubba

    Visually annoying, i guess it truly reflects the type of person he is, in your face and crass.

  • http://undefined dowlingm

    Can’t figure out make/model – is that a Canadian made vehicle, or foreign like Joe P’s Smart Car?

  • thelemur

    It’s a Ford E-series, built either in Oakville or Ohio.

  • accozzaglia

    You win the door prize for this comment.