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Newsstand: July 12, 2010

Illustration by Matt Daley/Torontoist.

The G20 taint continues to destroy everything it touches, our garbage smells so bad that it’s banned from London, and Toronto’s “world-class” beaches get nuked in today’s Newsstand.

Good morning! Has it only been two weeks since Toronto’s G20 weekend from hell? Thankfully, we’ve all moved on and now everything is forgiven, right guys? Well, at least Torontonians’ justified outrage isn’t being converted into Progressive Conservative attack screeds, which you might’ve been worried about. Aw, maaan. Well, at the bare minimum, thank secular Jesus that Ontario Ombudsbadass André Marin is on the case with regards to alleged police misconduct. That man may be a legendarily tough boss, but he’s nigh-on incorruptible and virtually immune to criticism. Oh, no frigging way!
This is the end, Toronto. It is now time to submit to the authority of Oakville, or York Region, or even to bow down to the visions of our future Etobicokean overFord. No, no, that’s just the crushing frustration talking. At any rate, the melange of dread, anger, and disappointment we’re currently feeling is nothing compared to what the families of the sixteen accused violent protesters are going through.
A man in his twenties, apparently an innocent bystander, was shot in the back while protecting a child from stray bullets fired at an anti-violence rally. Read that sentence again slowly, and then we’ll let you know that the man is in stable condition, and police are seeking two suspects who may have been caught on a home video made at the event.
Toronto’s compost stinks so much that we are losing our waste-processing privileges in London, Ontario. Waste collected in our green bin program is apparently suspected of letting off a smell so terrible that it’s caused a two-month shutdown of a major treatment company, “Orgaworld,” to let the horrifically nasty fumes disperse a little. During that time, the roughly 4.6 million kilograms of green bin goo Toronto would be sending to Orgaworld will have to find somewhere else to ripen. So far, we have a fall-back solution to deal with the problem for the next two weeks.
The spookily ramshackle gothic church-husk islanded by traffic lanes at 1 Spadina Crescent may be getting a little…what do you call it? Zazzle? Vim? Anyway, architecture of this caliber. U of T’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design has its eye on the building, which currently houses most of U of T’s visual arts program and a bunch of disembodied human eyeballs for organ donation. If approved by the university’s administration, the proposal could mean tens of millions of dollars of renovations and additions to the site, and a new “bridge to the city and this great artery of Spadina.”
It seems that although seven of Toronto’s beaches meet world-class safety standards, they can’t shake their bad reputation as dirty, infectious, film-developing devil-ponds. We sympathize, but it’s possible that plans to ship nuclear waste by Toronto’s shores isn’t speeding along our beaches’ image rehabilitation.


  • http://undefined Moonmoth

    OMG that was a depressing posting. Especially: “A man in his twenties, apparently an innocent bystander, was shot in the back while protecting a child from stray bullets fired at an anti-violence rally.”
    !!!####@@@?>?>?????? W-T-F
    The end times are here, people.

  • http://undefined warmflash

    No more G20 coverage. You are completely destroying your brand as well as making Torontoist unreadable. If you want to devote so much of your energy to G20 coverage, open another webpage and call it G20ist.

  • accozzaglia

    Here’s a novel idea for you, warmflash: stop reading Torontoist.
    Besides, this G20 coverage sure beats the dull, navel-gazing entries about events happening along West Queen West and Blansdowne.

  • David Topping

    I said as much in a reply to a comment of yours last night, but Torontoist isn’t going to stop covering the G20 until the G20 is no longer important. I’m not sure what you think our “brand” is, but we’re not going to ignore something that a great deal of our readers justifiably care a great deal about.

  • rek

    Why would anyone bring guns to an anti-violence rally?!

  • http://undefined EricSmith

    Rek: As it turns out, there was a co-incidental shoot-out going on nearby. Toronto’s would-be gangland legends are, as ever, sadly lacking in adult supervision.

  • http://undefined BoredNow

    Jesus H Christ on a fascist pig motorcycle, enough is enough. warmflash is right, this constant posting of G20 crap has ruined what was once an interesting blog. You wanna keep your regular band of NOW reading dittoheads happy, fine, but you have now officially BORED the rest of us to death.

  • http://undefined EricSmith

    I, on the other hand, like the coverage of “G20 crap,” and I hope that Torontoist continues to cover all interesting developments.

  • http://undefined spacejack

    Come on, give them a break. The G20 was over in a weekend. They need to stretch it out and make it seem like an all-summer-long debacle.

  • http://undefined rich1299

    The G20 issues won’t be over until an independent inquiry is finally called, it seems its going to take different folks in gov’t though for that to happen since it appears McGuinty and Harper both have something to hide in the G20 mess. There are a lot questions that still need answers. People’s Charter rigths were violated in a mssive way, peaceful protestors were beaten and arrested by the cops, many hundreds of people were detained for no good reason, we saw the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. Those are not minor issues we can just forget about as if they never happened, we need to do whatever we can to ensure they don’t happen again and that means those who made the decisions to violate citizens’ Charter rights and ordered the cops to engage in illegal activity need to pay a price. Crimes against our society were committed, firsy by some vandals and then by our police forces, this isn’t going away until justice is finally done.