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Things the G20 is Ruining Now

Last week, Torontoist explored how the G20 would affect everyone, from cyclists to tourists. In the days leading up to this weekend’s summit, we’re collecting the ways in which it’s ruining everything for everyone.

The Yonge-Dundas HMV, boarded up. Photo by gs71to95 from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

As we expected, the G20′s ruined a bunch more stuff since Monday and Tuesday, and we can’t even blame it for that earthquake. Let’s see what’s newly wrecked!

  • Façades. The sound of hammering you’ve been hearing coming from downtown is that of skittish property owners—of condos, of businesses, of more—boarding up their ground-level windows. One of the saddest-looking victims has got to be the Yonge-Dundas HMV (above).
  • Jaywalking. Don’t do it near cops. And if cops do stop you for doing it, don’t encourage bystanders to yell “Fuck you!” at them.
  • Grammar. One BlogTO reader’s security pass has “Ontario” misspelled as “Ontairo.” Close enough?
  • Protest Music. If the press release we got last night is to be believed, and we’re not sure it is, “The G20 Song,” by The Usual Suspects with Dave Parkinson, is “the official protest song of the G20.” Have a listen, or read the lyrics (“Here come the protesters to challenge the investors / Who took all the money you’ve been saving for your best years…”).
  • Unimpeded street photography. If you plan on photographing anything G20-related downtown, as an awful lot of people are, be prepared to be stopped, and to answer questions: you’ll be getting lots of them from police officers. It helps to know your rights.
  • The Metro Central YMCA’s Roof. The YMCA’s wonderful green roof, which doubles as a running track, is off-limits as of June 25, according to a release sent out yesterday afternoon.


  • http://undefined Dave

    Funny, I was downtown on Sunday taking pictures of the security fence. I wondered if this was going to cause problems, but at the time there were a few tourists (like myself, I guess) doing the same thing. Next time, hold the G20 summit in Calgary, kthxbye!

  • http://undefined Laura

    My favourite part has been the police horse droppings in all the downtown bike lanes. Gee, thanks G20.

  • http://undefined Old Man Cheddar

    99% of the time, Torontoist has some awesome stuff. But GOD, does this “Things the G20 has ruined” irritate me. Are we so spoiled that we can’t go without the green roof on the YMCA or a farmer’s market for a friggin’ weekend?
    Nobody ever seems to kick up such a fuss when multiple city blocks are shut down, and a huge ruckus raised, for this parade or that festival, which seems to happen every week without fail in Toronto during the summer. The G20 is cumbersome, but it’s also important. Let’s dry our eyes and just DEAL with it like adults instead of bitching about everything.

  • http://undefined sprung

    As of a few minutes ago Centreville announced that they’re closed too on Fri, Sat, Sun (June 25-27).