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And Sherbourne Park’s New Name Is…

The hoarding surrounding what was then called Sherbourne Park, on May 29. Photo by Joel Charlebois/Torontoist.

Your votes are in, and the winning new name for Sherbourne Park, chosen by Toronto in a public competition organized by Torontoist and Waterfront Toronto, is:

Sherbourne Commons 38.97% of finalist vote
Submitted by Doug Dent.
Merchant’s Wharf Park 35.39% of finalist vote
Submitted first by Brett Robinson; also submitted by Keith McCallum.
Tkaronto Park 25.65% of finalist vote
Submitted first by Simon Lam; also submitted by Ernest Cayemen.
Sherbourne Commons opens this summer. Learn more about it, from Waterfront Toronto, here.


  • http://undefined gorf80

    I think that is the worst name for that park. No history or excitment. Sherbourne Commons makes the park sound plain and boring.
    Merchant’s Wharf Park was a much better name.

  • Kyra Kendall

    Doug Dent, you’re boring!

  • tapesonthefloor

    When I clicked through to this page, the first thing I saw was the page title at the top of my browser window:
    “And Sherbourne Park’s New Name Is… – Torontoist”
    The rest of the article was a bit of a let-down, really.

  • Karen Whaley

    Sherbourne Commons? REAL CREATIVE, GUYS.
    Merchant’s Wharf Park was way better.

  • http://undefined Loozrboy

    Well it’s not a bad name for a park. A perfectly fine name in fact. But yeah, a bit of an anticlimax. Something a committee could’ve come up with in about 5 minutes without holding a big contest.
    On the upside, at least it’s pronounceable.

  • http://undefined Kevo

    Sherbourne Commons was the worse name for the park. I preferred Tkaronto, since it brings in what Toronto’s name was derived from (even though it happened due to a mistake since I believe it was Lake Simcoe or Couchiching which was called that by the Natives, but it then got mixed up on maps). Toronto also has the highest number of Aboriginals in the country and it would’ve been a nice gesture considering there’s parks named for every country in the world here…

  • thelemur

    There’s still a chance that Toronto and East York community council will reject the name change, but I doubt it.
    Aside from the name being boring, I suspect it’s not really going to be a common (i.e., a piece of publicly owned land) and there will be all sorts of municipal and commercial restrictions on its use and enjoyment …

  • Em-kay


  • qviri

    Quite frankly I liked “Sherbourne Park” better than any of the proposed names. As “Sherbourne Commons”, I can still call it Sherbourne Park and be understood, so the best option won as far as I am concerned.

  • Robert Ruggiero

    I’ve been living in Halifax for the past few years, where the Halifax Common is by far the largest, and most used park. I like the name Sherbourne Common. The name reflects the public purpose of parks, and the return of the lake shore to the citizens of Toronto.

  • http://undefined SkinnyFish

    You will rue the day that you didn’t choose Wendel Park over Sherbourne Commons. Rue it I say!

  • http://undefined franco

    The proper name of a shared public space is “Common” as in “Clapham Common” or “Boston Common” etc. Commons is inaccurate. It shouldn’t be plural, because there is only one park.

  • http://undefined MarkV

    The use of the plural is awful. Hopefully this gets fixed. Common is also a poor choice as I’m relatively sure the land was never used as common land unlike the Clapham and Boston Commons.

  • http://undefined DavidC

    MarkV should be pleased because the City staff report recommending the park name says it will be called Sherbourne Common. It’s coming to Community Council on 22 June.
    Neither Common nor Commons is terribly exciting but we should surely end up with what was voted on by ‘us’.

  • http://undefined noseprints

    stuffy. there’s history to this name alright. our british history comes through for me. commons….ironic, if you think what it means, people coming together, but the origin is so evocative of dry order and decorum.

  • http://undefined noseprints

    really! why even bother changing the name from park, if all you’re ending up with is sherbourne commons.