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Eternal Flame of Hope Not So Eternal

Photo by J. Smee/Torontoist.

As a plaque in front of it explains, “The Eternal Flame of Hope” at Metro Hall is “Symbolic of the hopes, aspirations and triumphal achievements burning within the human spirit. May courage never be extinguished, or light diminished nor spirits bound in pursuit of personal excellence.” Ignited fourteen years ago on May 27, 1996, at the launch of the country-spanning WhyNot Marathon for people with physical disabilities, it burns all day and night; it is, after all, an Eternal Flame. Or rather, it was an Eternal Flame. Torontoist’s J. Smee, passing by the flame yesterday afternoon, discovered that for the G20, the cauldron has been covered completely with plywood, and the flame apparently extinguished underneath it—which surely must be symbolic of something, too.
We’re waiting for comment from city officials and will update when we get it. [UPDATE, 2:01 p.m.: It's confirmed—Linda Robinson, a Senior Communication Advisor with the City, told us that "The flame was extinguished due to the G20 and was covered with plywood to protect it."]