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Duly Quoted: David Miller

“I would like to thank Torontonians for their patience this weekend….I would also like to thank the Toronto Police Service, who I think did an extraordinary job in almost impossible circumstances.”
—David Miller, speaking about the Toronto Police Service’s handling of the G20 summit this weekend, at a press conference in City Hall.


  • http://undefined rek

    *golf clap*

  • http://undefined Robsonian

    what a shitshow. thanks for nothing, Dave.

  • Kevin Bracken

    If David Miller were running for reelection, people would remember G20 weekend WAY more than the garbage strike.

  • Miles Storey

    If we had a strong mayor this crap would never have come to the city in the first place.

  • http://undefined spacejack

    Where the hell were all those tens of thousands of cops through all of this? Too busy arresting non-violent protesters and journalists?

  • roxanne

    I am disgusted that not a single politician has come out against the suspension of our basic civil rights. The right to peaceful demonstration is one of the key elements of a democracy. Whose interests do our elected leaders represent?

  • bunnykin

    I know of at least one: Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Centre-Rosedale. He has condemned the violence and the police brutality against peaceful citizens.

  • http://undefined rek

    Peter Kormos, Ontario NDP Justice Critic, is calling for an inquiry.

  • http://undefined mike

    17k officers and shit still gets broken, 1.2 nillion dollar sleepover…whatever