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Duly Quoted: Bill Blair

“No, but I was trying to keep the criminals out.”
—Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, smilingly revealing on Tuesday that there was no five-metre arrest zone outside the G20 security fence. Blair had said on Friday that there was.


  • http://undefined Ilan

    I think we are too, if we call for your resignation.

  • http://undefined friend68

    Look at that: a simple, non-violent police tactic.

  • http://undefined Dave

    Blair = Liar.

  • http://undefined Jimbo

    That is really despicable. He should resign. We cannot allow our public safety officials to lie to us about our laws.

  • http://undefined Shannon

    so all these people that were searched and arrested under the fake law and then charged. Shouldn’t all charges be dropped? If there is is no law, then you broke no laws?

  • http://undefined mark.

    Here is the Ontario Public Works Protection Act:
    Appears there really was a 5 meter ‘buffer zone’ from the fence.

  • Paul Kishimoto

    No, it seems not. Schedule 1 at your link essentially describes the location of the fence. Part 1.1. of the regulation refers to article 1(a) the actual Act, which says:

    any railway, canal, highway, bridge, power works including all property used for the generation, transformation, transmission, distribution or supply of hydraulic or electrical power, gas works, water works, public utility or other work, owned, operated or carried on by the Government of Ontario or by any board or commission thereof, or by any municipal corporation, public utility commission or by private enterprises,

    …so, any of those things, within the fence, is a public work.
    Schedule 2 at your link describes some additional areas, plus five metre margins. The areas are all within the fence, and the clause “within the area described in Schedule 1″ makes it clear that the margin is not to be interpreted as extending beyond the fence.
    That is, even if one of the regions in Schedule 2 shared an edge with the fence (they don’t), there would be no margin on that edge. If an edge of one of the regions was one metre from the fence and parallel to it, there would only be one metre of margin on that side.
    I could draw you a picture, but I hope you see my point.
    The Globe article has it right, and Blair was very plainly lying. It was not incumbent on the media to catch his lie by carefully reading the regulation; it was incumbent on him not to lie. He should resign.

  • http://undefined Jose Leal

    And yet Blair is rated as “Good” 7/10 -
    Rate Blair – add your voice!

  • http://undefined mark.

    Thanks for the clarification – no picture required!

  • http://undefined Joel

    You mean to tell me that NO ONE in the media bothered to read the actual Act before all this happened? Surely that could have helped to clarify things and expose alleged lies earlier..

  • Paul Kishimoto

    Why use “alleged”? He lied.

  • http://undefined canuck1975

    I’ve been a supporter of Bill Blair until this weekend. All we’re going to get is a classified document that tells the public nothing. This is unacceptable. The people of Toronto deserve an inquiry into police actions over the past week. Demand on of your MP, MPP & City Councillor.

  • http://undefined rek

    For whatever reason Blair was never on my radar, though Fantino was, and I didn’t have an opinion of him at all until I learned he went to McGuinty for secret untrumpable magic arrest powers. Every word out of his mouth following Saturday night has lowered my opinion of him a step.
    Now I want his resignation.

  • http://undefined friend68

    The media can’t find information unless it’s given to them in a press release. Unless that happens, it is considered secret or hidden.

  • http://undefined John

    Before the events of this weekend, I was justifiably proud of the way Bill Blair has led our police force. He displayed a real understanding of the need for engaging the community, working towards supportive measures that reduce crime by, and generally .
    Sadly, this weekend he squandered all that goodwill. Lying to the citizenry and media about a secretive change to the law, and then arresting people based not on the law but on the lie he told… this is far beyond the pale.
    Public inquiry now.

  • http://undefined John

    That was supposed to say “working towards supportive measures that reduce crime by giving people other opportunities, and generally reacting to issues in a measured and responsible manner.”

  • http://undefined AGSpeaker

    Dear [Member of Parliament who represents my area],
    After the events during the G20 summit in Toronto on the weekend of June 26/27, I am demanding that you make a motion to initiate an inquiry into the conduct of the police forces that were present in downtown Toronto and surrounding area during the event.
    Thank you,
    Voting individual

  • http://undefined Ruffian

    Bill Blair. Why did you lie about the weapons seized from protesters?
    Why were there items in your display of G20 Protesters'
    that actually came from totally unrelated occurrences? Why
    did you lie about invoking some obscure Ontario Statute? Why are you not
    being straight with the public? Who was in charge if not you?
    Why did
    you command TPS members to arrest and detain journalists and other
    members of the media?
    Why did you without authority of Parliament,
    abandon the Canadian Constitution and Charter of rights?

    But Blair doesn't step up to the plate.
    The Police Chief is now trying to
    blame the public and just about everything else. He makes smart-ass
    comments and dribbles weak lies even though he is under very close
    scrutiny. Such arrogance has proven itself dangerous to the public.

  • http://undefined Ruffian

    I like reading some of the comments among the many hundreds signing this petition.

  • Mehdi Ali

    This motherfucker is a bloody stupid liar….wise for him to step down, for he had no place to serve the public at all.