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Minding MANR

When local tagger MANR threw his name overtop of Banksy’s piece in an alley just off Dundas Street West, on Tuesday last week—after the famed street artist left town to continue his American romp—some took it upon themselves to fight back.
In the days since, the placard-holding Banksy businessman has made a re-appearance with a new slogan, MANR has returned to claim more territory, a new stenciled character has arrived to urge both sides to peace, someone new has decided to stick it to MANR anyway, and someone else has left something in the alley which may or may not be a succinct pile of art criticism.
Ten days in the life of Toronto’s most contentious canvas are above.


  • http://undefined Jeremy Sale

    Ahhh… vandals at war with other vandals. My favourite kind of story.
    Have at ‘er, boys.

  • http://undefined deadrobot

    Wow. First the public toilet story, now this. You’re courting a dangerous precedence for search engine optimization.

  • David Topping

    I do regret not calling this story the more SEO-friendly “Art or Vandalism? British Street Artist Banksy Gets Vandalized in Downtown Toronto. Toronto Graffiti Pics Photos Poop Sex Justin Bieber”

  • rek

    Banksy is super-overrated, but this piece has become the seed for some homegrown graffiti combat, so it’s good he came after all.

  • http://undefined nib

    Whoa! One person painted in an alley, and then it was painted over by someone else! And then it was painted over by someone else, and then the other person painted it over again! And then it happened again!! Whoa! Holy fucking shit! The second person sure told the first person, and then another person sure told the second person their place too! You ain’t gonna paint over this piece of wall, you!
    Isn’t the dialogue that Banksy has created just so profound?