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Take Us Out to the Ballgame, Take Us Out to the Crowd Smattering

For last Thursday’s Blue Jays game against the Chicago White Sox, 10,744 fans showed up—a better number than Wednesday’s worst-ever turnout of 10,610, but a number still lower than just about any home Jays game ever, and a number worthy of mocking by Alex Rios. (To put the figure into perspective, Torontoist will probably have more visitors today than the Rogers Centre did Thursday.)
Torontoist photographer Christopher Drost shot the timelapse video above throughout the middle of Thursday’s game, from a private box containing a few city councillors, a famous ex-Jay, and some off-duty police sergeants; his video catches the roof closing, the crowd filing in and out, and a lot of lonely blue seats.


  • Quin Parker

    BMO Field sells out consistently for TFC. I’m sure there are some tedious reasons to do with the size of the pitch/ballpark, but shouldn’t the Jays swap?

  • crickhopper

    I don’t think the venue is the problem…

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    Whose box was it, and what was the occasion?

  • tapesonthefloor

    Ten thousand occasionally peaking at twenty is a perfectly reasonable and sustainable amount of fans for a summer sport in a northern clime. The venue is entirely the problem.

  • http://undefined tapesonthefloor

    (And I do realize that 10-20000 fans cannot afford to field a competitive team, but, frankly, I don’t think Toronto cares enough anymore.)

  • http://undefined crickhopper

    If the current number of fans is reasonable, then what problem are you implying when you say that the “venue is entirely the problem”?

  • http://undefined brent

    there is no way that 10,000+ people attended the game on wednesday or thursday evening. i was there. the place was EMPTY.

  • Christopher Drost

    crowds look even slimmer at the game monday april 19th – a far cry from this timelapse of the minn. twins game:

  • Danu Mandlsohn

    They actually raised ticket prices after last year’s awful season. It’s minimum $50 a seat on the 100 level, which is about $25 too much.

  • http://undefined fantasygoat

    Now if only we could get this to happen with the Leafs, they might be forced to put together a winning team.