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New Dimitri the Lover Movie Teaser Trailer Will Not Change How You Feel About Him

Well, it’s out there now, so we pretty much have to write about it, don’t we? Even though we’ve been resisting since it was sent to us on Valentine’s Day? Tell us we don’t have to. Ah, yeah, we have to. We want to. Crap.
So: Dimitri the Lover.

The trailer for his forthcoming movie is now online. When we spoke with the film’s producer, Brad Goodman, back in January, he described Dimitri as “extremely intelligent, charming, and funny” and “naturally funny” and “honest, straightforward, decent, and fair.”
In the newsletter he sent out shortly after our interview, Dimitri described Torontoist’s Q & A with Goodman, written by John Semley, as “PUSSIFIED FAGGOT INTERVIEWS HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER BRAD GOODMAN ON HIS UPCOMING DIMITRI THE LOVER DOCUMENTARY, ELICITING THE IRE OF CRAZED FEMINAZI CUNTS.” (That’s you, commenters!)
You can see more of that nuance in the trailer, which sees Dimitri admitting that “I started banging my patients”—recall that James Sears, the Man Who Would Be Dimitri, lost his medical licence over allegations of sexual assault—and “I am the prophet,” and that “I know a fucking slut when I see one.” Shot at various locations around Toronto, it’s like Reel Toronto, but horrible.
The video’s description on YouTube is telling: “Here is the TEST VERSION of our trailer for the Dimitri The Lover Movie. Because of its controversial nature, before releasing it to a broader audience, we’d appreciate constructive feedback from Dimitri’s loyal fan base. We’d also appreciate you sending it to your friends to get their opinions. We will use your feedback to perform a final tweak on the trailer, then release it for marketing purposes.” Is there any better place to get a “broader audience” than YouTube? Is there any worse place to get “constructive feedback”?
While BlogTO has taken to asking readers if they’re planning to see the movie, that question almost doesn’t matter, because the issue isn’t whether the movie will make money or whether it will be good or whether anyone will see it—respectively: it will, it won’t, they will—but whether people will talk about it. And here we all are again: we’re talking about Dimitri the Lover, you’re reading us talking about Dimitri the Lover, and some of you will come into the comments and talk more about Dimitri the Lover. (A few may even chastise us for talking more about Dimitri the Lover, in so doing further perpetuating discussion about Dimitri the Lover.) We wouldn’t write about the guy if the city collectively ignored him, or found him of no interest. But it can’t. It won’t. Disgust is still a response.
At the end of the trailer, when Dimitri says, “What didn’t kill me made me stronger, and society’s gonna have to cope with what they created,” he is mostly right, especially if you replace “created” with “perpetuated.” We love to hate this guy, but that’s love enough to sustain him.


  • reetdoontoon

    get out the lysol.

  • http://undefined fantasygoat

    The guy in this trailer is way more smooth and funny than the sociopath who showed up to my LiveJournal party all those years ago with a fake boobed cougar in tow. He’s even more dangerous now.

  • http://undefined kstop

    That’s the magic of editing. I’m pretty sure he’s as idiotic as ever.

  • High Snark

    Needs moar hair grease.

  • http://undefined torontothegreat

    you can’t just say something like this without providing the full story!
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • http://undefined AdamD1

    I reverse-engineered the flash piece on his site. When you send an email to him using the contact portion of that site, it sets the subject line to read “I WANT TO SHOOT A SLUT”. This is really all anyone needs to know about this complete waste of space.
    I fully exspect to see promotional phrasing on posters for this film claiming it’s “from the makers of Borat”, even though the producer was only the Post-Production Supervisor.
    Not one person involved with this “film” appears to have the slightest bit of taste or common sense. This is a convicted sexual predator. (Charged with three counts of sexual impropriety with his patients, well documented here and elsewhere.) The producer has glossed over mention of this previously, preferring to focus on the entertaining aspects of what he refers to as a “charming” and “charismatic” man.
    And stop calling him “Dmitri.” His name is James N. Sears. He’s not a man. He’s a pig.

  • Karen Whaley

    I don’t think that was him, it was one of his minions: Pavel the Lover.

  • http://undefined fantasygoat

    No, I meant the original Dimitri. Pavel showed up at a subsequent party.

  • Karen Whaley

    Apparently your livejournal parties are notorious “slut-hunting” grounds!

  • http://undefined rich1299

    I couldn’t agree more, what has become of Toronto when a convicted rapist gets portrayed as a hero? This film is an embarassment to our society and I’ll never understand how a rapist could ever be considered a hero by any twist of the imagination. If they’re going to do a film about him it should start with the rapes then proceed to examine how he views women as nothing more than outlets for his sexual pleasure and how he’s found a following in this city. He’s no lover that’s for sure, he’s rapist and a pig, that’s all.

  • http://undefined rich1299

    You can contact the film company directly to let them know what you think about them making a film glorifying a rapist here

  • Richard Whittall

    Whatever happened to brushing your teeth, wearing a nice shirt and being polite? Why do I have to read about this person all the time?

  • Steevie Weevie

    No one has commented yet.