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Here Is A Video of A Pigeon Riding the Subway

Pigeons: they’re just like us!
The video above—turn the volume up so you can hear all the ambient noise—was shot by Elaine Georgolios earlier this month on a TTC train arriving at Runnymede Station. We won’t spoil the ending other than to say that it is one of the most suspenseful, and then triumphant, testimonies to the human pigeon spirit ever captured on a cellphone camera. Basically, it’s The Shawshank Redemption, starring this pigeon.
Georgolios originally uploaded the video to her Facebook profile, but we’ve been sent links to it so many times that we decided to convince her to add it to YouTube so that we could share it with the world. Because the world must see this.


  • Adam M.

    That bird didn’t pay.

  • Patrick Metzger

    You don’t know that.

  • Adam M.

    He used an invalid transfer.

  • http://undefined scientz

    It always makes me so sad when I see pigeons on the subway platforms. :(

  • http://undefined Richard Moldovanyi

    When you said “turn the volume up so you can hear all the ambient noise” I was sure something was going to jump out and scream at the end.
    I wonder how the pigeon thinks out transit service compares to others around the world.

  • http://undefined Chris Edwards

    That was brilliant! My first thought, before seeing the video, was “poor thing”. But after watching it, I feel like that bird kicked ass! I was a bit saddened to see no one trying to grab the bird and take it off the train.

  • http://undefined noizangel

    Dogs ride the Moscow subway, so pigeons riding ours seems fitting…

  • http://undefined W. K. Lis

    Rats Frolic in New York Subway:
    so do not litter.

  • rek
  • http://undefined AdamD1

    I’m going to guess that pigeon boarded at Bathurst. :) There are usually several pigeons inside that station.

  • Paul Kishimoto
  • http://undefined Michael

    Pigeons have been frequent visitors at the Pape platform too (probably because of the Tim Horton’s). Considering that Islington has had pigeon trouble in the past, that bird could have come from any station with a bakery on the premises.

  • http://undefined Belgand

    Well, he has to ride the subway, he’s not allowed to drive the bus!